Clean Eating Foods

Going along with the popular topic of how to eat "clean," I thought I'd post today on how exactly to do that: what foods should you eat, which should you avoid... all that jazz. Yes, there are healthy foods out there that may have the facade of being "clean and good for you," but what [...]

A Guide to Awesome Arms

We all know that summer is on its way. Frankly, it's almost here. We are on the cusp of beautiful sunny days, grilling out, lazy days relaxing on the beach... and swimsuit season. Tank top season. Strapless sundress season. It's time to shake ourselves out of our regular winter workouts, and focus on the parts [...]

Favorite Topic Friday: Smoothies

Ahhh, good ol' Friday again. I never get sick of this feeling of the end of a good and productive work week. Time to write about one of my favorite food groups (yes, I consider them a food group): SMOOTHIES. If any of you know me very well, you would be able to attest to [...]

Writing your own workout

Hey everyone! Hope this post is finding everyone happy, healthy, and hopeful for the new days ahead of us πŸ™‚ Warmer weather is already upon us (thank goodness) and then before we know it, it will finally be SUMMERTIME. I can barely contain my excitement! Before we get into things - I also wanted to [...]

Favorite Topic Friday: Cereal

Wow, TGIF, to say the least! This week has definitely been a long one - what with all this crazy, cold, rainy weather. Isn't it the middle of April?? Well, in order to lighten up some of this dreariness here in Wisconsin, I have decided that my Friday posts will be more fun! Fridays will [...]

Healthy Alcoholic Drink Options

Happy Β Monday morning everyone! I hope I'm finding you all in good spirits after a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ Just wanted to put a little bit in here about mine: I finished my third half marathon yesterday morning with my dad! It was pretty windy, but I feel great that I finished. Friday night, my sister, [...]

In The Beginning…

Good morning world! It's a beautiful day! The sun is out, I've completed my morning yoga, and I had my wonderful oatmeal breakfast with a clementine on the side. Seems like a great Thursday so far. It can only get better, right? The creation of this blog underwent a pretty hilarious sister and I [...]