Healthy Alcoholic Drink Options

Happy ย Monday morning everyone! I hope I’m finding you all in good spirits after a lovely weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanted to put a little bit in here about mine: I finished my third half marathon yesterday morning with my dad! It was pretty windy, but I feel great that I finished. Friday night, my sister, roommate and I went out dancing (as we do every single Friday). This led me to the idea for today’s blog topic: healthy alcoholic drink options.

Many of us, especially us females, have gone through the dilemma: do I drink tonight? How much do I drink? What can I drink that won’t make me gain weight? What’s the “healthiest” alcoholic beverage? These questions constantly whir through my head in the time before I go out dancing or out to dinner with my friends on weekend nights.
Alcohol is absolutely one of the substances we ingest that makes us gain weight. ย Women’s Health Magazine had an articleย that talked about the effects of alcohol on our bodies, especially for women. We hold on to fat; it affects our healthy sleeping patterns; our bodies can even have difficulty absorbing nutrients and water, sometimes even days later.

So why do we still go out and drink? What’s so appealing about it? Well, that’s a silly question, many of us would think. Yes it’s easy to condone drinking when we are all sober and eating a salad and getting 9 hours of sleep every night. But when that time comes, when your girls ask for a ladies night out, including dancing and guaranteed drinking… how do we resist? It sounds like a blast!

After doing a bit of research, and trying, myself, to go out a few times with friends and not drink at all, I believe that, along with everything in this life, drinking should be kept in moderation. That is, it’s okay to drink alcohol, but just in controllable quantities, not frequently, and only when “necessary” – whatever that may mean for the particular individual. I have already cut down my drinking to only weekends, and even then, one night per weekend is my usual regime. It’s working out fine for me…not to mention, I’m saving a lot of money and a lot of extra calories!

If you ladies are looking for a type of alcohol that you can purchase in stores, I have done some research on that too. Obviously, there are the Skinny Girl drinks, which have an assortment of different types of alcohol and flavors. My personal pick of this brand would be the White Cranberry Cosmo, mostly because that’s my favorite kind of martini too. I found another kind of low-calorie vodka recently, too, which I have not had the chance to try yet, called Voli Light. Now this is a kind of vodka that has less calories than regular vodka, and supposedly has great taste. I have not had the chance to try this vodka yet (I don’t keep alcohol at my apartment for myself), but I found an article that gives a pretty good review on it. Click here to read the review.
Overall, yes, there are options for us women that occasionally like to go out for some drinks on a Friday night. In a nutshell, I would suggest a flavored vodka and seltzer: the seltzer has zero calories, adds a bubbly feeling, and the flavored vodka gives the drink more of a twist. There are a huge variety of flavors of vodka that I’ve tried, and recently, peach or blueberry have been my favorite. Otherwise, yes, a glass of red wine one or two times a week is always fine too… “heart-healthy”, they say.

Have a Happy Monday!

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