Favorite Topic Friday: Cereal

Wow, TGIF, to say the least! This week has definitely been a long one – what with all this crazy, cold, rainy weather. Isn’t it the middle of April?? Well, in order to lighten up some of this dreariness here in Wisconsin, I have decided that my Friday posts will be more fun! Fridays will be dedicated to some of my favorite things. Random? Yes, they will be; but the posts will still be informative, and I hope you all still enjoy reading them!

This Friday topic will be on one of my favorite foods: cereal.Β Who doesn’t love cereal? I have had such an up-and-down relationship with cereal since I was a child, but no, it has never left my life completely. Even now, as a gluten-free, lactose-intolerant person… I still eat cereal!
There are all kinds of advertisements about what kind of cereal is too sugary, which gives you right amount of vitamins and nutrients, and how heart-healthy it can be. Personally, I don’t do sugared cereals- they just don’t taste the greatest to me. And knowing well-enough that they are overly-processed and have so many added sugars – no thank you! I stick to less ingredients and, obviously, gluten-free options (also high fiber cereals too). There are some cereals that have always been very popular, and some that have always been known as being healthier breakfast options.Β 

Lately, since I’ve been eating predominantly gluten-free, I’ve been trying to keep my cereal selection to Chex cereals and Fiber One cereals. Chex, because it’s gluten-free, low-calorie, and has few ingredients. Fiber One, because it has a great amount of fiber, and the Fiber One Original Bran cereal actually is really delicious in my opinion. I know a lot of people say it’s “gerbil food” or is really bland, but I think that lightly sweetened cereal not only keeps down my sugar intake, but it has a great whole-grain taste. For me, the simpler the better, and these cereals definitely do the trick!

Obviously, being lactose intolerant, I don’t drink regular milk either: I strictly drink Almond milk or Almond Coconut milk. It’s so delicious! I can’t get enough of it. Sometimes I will pour a bowl of cereal just to drink the milk, especially after the light sweetening from the cereal has blended into the milk. Yum yum yum!

To close, I just have three very powerful words to leave ringing through your mind:



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