Writing your own workout

Hey everyone! Hope this post is finding everyone happy, healthy, and hopeful for the new days ahead of us πŸ™‚ Warmer weather is already upon us (thank goodness) and then before we know it, it will finally be SUMMERTIME. I can barely contain my excitement!
Before we get into things – I also wanted to shout out to my lovely amazing best friend Natalie who got MARRIED over the weekend!! She and Michael had a lovely ceremony in Milwaukee: such a gorgeous bride and handsome groom! I love you both so much and wish you many long years filled with love&happiness.


OK, on to our topic for today: creating your own workout!

What Workout Plan Works Best For You?
I have really been studying and reviewing a lot of articles lately regarding the “best workout techniques” and which workouts are best structured for losing weight and fat. By collecting different options and opinions, I have been able to separate what I think would be time-efficient, energy-efficient, and results-oriented exercises for the working woman. It’s crucial to be able to create a workout for ourselves that is all three things listed above, since, let’s face it, it’s virtually impossible to allot two hours a day to perfecting our workouts and still balance other facets and events in our lives. Busy busy bees, we are!

Firstly, it’s important to know that we have to exercise different muscles on different days; our bodies need time to recover and our micro muscle tears from our previous workouts have to heal in about a day’s time. That being said, I do cardio every single workout, every single day. Cardio is a great way to get your heart pumping, your muscles burning, and your body awake for the day ahead, if you workout in the mornings like I do. Yes working out in the morning can be challenging, but there are so many good reasons to start your day breaking a sweat!
– No excuses! If you do your workout first thing in the morning, the rest of the day, you won’t be able to talk yourself out of working out later
– I feel great the rest of the day, knowing I already burned all those calories in the morning and am ready for the next morning.
– Makes me go to bed earlier and get more sleep, since I know I have to get up early to get over to the gym! Overall, it’s a healthier lifestyle, at least in my experience with this routine.
– I do workouts I actually LIKE – Instead of just “settling” for an afternoon run. I can plan my workout around exercises I find results-oriented and fun for myself!
– Semi-empty gym? You get the space to yourself! That’s always a treat.
– Reveling in discipline- it makes me feel so great that I have finished my workout for the day when most people are just starting to wake up. It really boosts my confidence and gets me on a great feel-good cycle everyday!


How to Create a Workout
Many websites have blueprints for how to create workouts, but this one is the best I have found, and what has worked best for my body and schedule. By separating upper and lower body movements, it better concentrates on those muscle groups, to have momentarily Β muscle failure. This sounds like a scary thing, but it’s actually the best way to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Choosing a cardio movement is crucial too, as it keeps your heart rate elevated and your muscles engaged. I personally love sprinting/jogging/running, but jumping rope, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and other forms of cardio are great too!

Write It Down
This step in the plan is always a stickler for me; it’s so important to document what you do for your workouts. Have your plan written out before you get to the gym and, if you’re really dedicated, write down the weight, time, and amount of reps for each exercise. That way, not only can you track your progress throughout the coming weeks and months, but you can also hold yourself accountable and push yourself for your next workout. It’s great to look back at your tough workouts and say, “Yes! Look at what I accomplished this week!” Great confidence booster, for sure.

Livestrong has a great workout plan for women, and Bodybuilding.com is another great website that has muscle-building and fat-burning workouts for women.


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