A Guide to Awesome Arms

We all know that summer is on its way. Frankly, it’s almost here. We are on the cusp of beautiful sunny days, grilling out, lazy days relaxing on the beach… and swimsuit season. Tank top season. Strapless sundress season. It’s time to shake ourselves out of our regular winter workouts, and focus on the parts of our bodies that are exposed during this time of the year. Yes, that’s most of our body, especially in swimsuits, but one of the biggest problem areas many (at least manyΒ women) deal with is how to develop sexy, sculpted arms.


Now obviously, we all have different body types. Some may already be endowed with a lower body fat percentage, and have skinny/naturally-toned arms anyways. Good for you ladies; hopefully your genetics and hormones stay exactly where they are! For the rest of us, however, that may hold on to fat a little easier, sometimes the arms get hit hard… flabby arms, the “second-wave” of the tricep… all situations we’d like to avoid. As Chalene Johnson always says in Turbo Fire workouts, “What do you want your tricep to do when you wave goodbye??” Fitness Magazine wrote a great article talking about all different body types and issues that women may have with their arms… and how to help tone those areas. Β It’s a great tutorial that addresses chicken arms all the way to maybe-too-flabby arms.

When working on our arms, it’s important that we make sure we’re getting all around the upper body area; every muscle is connected and all upper body exercises will help impact and improve other areas of our arms too. Places to concentrate on could be: biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper back, lower back, deltoids, etc. There are all kinds of exercises that focus on one part of the body, however, I find exercises that utilizes more than one muscle group at the same time yield the best and most noticeable results. And obviously, with all exercise, cardiovascular exercise is a great way to tighten all parts of the body simultaneously.

Below, I have added some arm workouts for you ladies who are more visual, and who may not feel like writing a workout for yourself. I’ve tried all of these workouts and they’re all GREAT! Pinterest is also a great tool to use when working out, because, if you have a smart phone, you can head to the gym and pull one of these up right on your phone, so you don’t lose track or forget what the goal of the day is! Let me know what you think of them! You’ll notice soreness and results in no time; keep motivated, eat well, and make sure you don’t forget about your arms!




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