Clean Eating Foods

Going along with the popular topic of how to eat “clean,” I thought I’d post today on how exactly to do that: what foods should you eat, which should you avoid… all that jazz. Yes, there are healthy foods out there that may have the facade of being “clean and good for you,” but what they may not tell you is how that product is grown, where it originates, and how many pesticides may have been used to grow the product to be pretty, large, and shiny.

Organic foods, from my experience, are usually “safer” than regularly-grown produce. I like to shop at Whole Foods, albeit slightly more expensive, for some of my produce. Obviously if it’s too expensive, the most important part of clean eating would be to follow the mantra: “Eat around the perimeter of the grocery store.” If many of you are working on eating healthier, or have been for awhile, you have for sure heard this – and it’s true! By circling the outside of the store, you’re avoiding all the processed, shelved foods that have preservatives, extra sugar, and long-lasting expiration dates…not a pretty picture in your body. Here’s a beginner’s grocery list for clean-eating… pretty self-explanatory and a good basis with which to start on your eating-well journey.

Refrigerator Makeover - Full Spread

Above- great photo that illustrates how your refrigeratorΒ could look after you re-vamp it for clean eating! Clearly, there is a great assortment of fruits and vegetables, along with nut milk (I personally drink almond milk), and some great sources of protein. A+ for a beautiful refrigerator!

Many bloggers have released great lists of what to buy at the grocery store in terms of what foods are clean to eat and which are great to keep in your kitchen. Here’s a few for your edification:

Prevention Magazine

Mind Body Green Blog

Clean Eating Recipes from The Gracious Pantry

Lastly, Runiverse came out with a great list of the best minimally processed (clean) foods for runners – I eat almost everything on this list regularly, so it definitely gets my stamp of approval!

It’s CRUCIAL to know what is going into your body, and to make sure that you double or triple the amount of fruits and veggies you eat. I try and eat vegetables with every meal of the day, and fruit at least twice a day in different forms. Eating around the grocery store really does help keep your mind on track, and organic foods are a great choice if you have that option financially. If you really would like more help finding recipes for clean eating, wuddya know, here’s a magazine called Clean Eating Magazine. Yet another great source to better our eating lifestyles and eat CLEAN!


One thought on “Clean Eating Foods

  1. Great post! I am such a visual person, so I really loved the refrigerator graphic. Although my fridge doesn’t look quite like that, there are several of those items that we do have and are staples on our grocery list. Little changes here and there and it should be similar and CLEAN in no time!


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