Favorite Topic Friday: Fun Runs

This past Wednesday, my family hosted the "Dunne Funne Runne" out by Holy Hill as part of a series of Wednesday runs that the Badgerland Strider Running Group organizes for those living in Wisconsin. These 5K fun runs are just that: a 3.1 mile run/jog/walk (whichever you prefer), typically in a park or on trails, [...]

Currently…on May 17, 2013…

It's Friday at last! And a beautiful and busy weekend is ahead of me. Can't wait, the weeks and days are just getting better and better... So this Friday, I thought I'd do something a little different. I got the idea from Peanut Butter Fingers (one of my FAVORITE blogs) - she simply answers some [...]

Favorite Friday Topic: Salads

Ahhh, the perfect salad. A very subjective statement, yes. Which ingredients to include? Which protein to add? Any fruit? Even dressings and seasonings can be difficult to choose. There are so many options!! This is why salads are some of the most versatile foods one can create/order (way more than smoothies- see my last blog). [...]

Sexy Men. Nuff Said.

Goooooood Monday morning! In order to start the week off right, I figured... hey, why not look at some beautiful men? I mean, makes sense to me right? Yes there are more than on this page, but here are my personal faves. Enjoy everyone... here's a nice short posting today, but ohhhh soooo worth it! [...]