Favorite Topic Friday: Tea

Phew – I really had to wrench myself out of bed this morning in order to get my quick HIIT morning workout in. Had a really great night with my family last night, so it was worth it – and I’m glad I still got in my regular AM workout: it always pays off and I always feel better afterwards. One thing I truly enjoy every morning while sitting at my desk at work is my delicious hot cup of morning tea. I actually look forward to trying different flavors, and love that I can easily substitute tea for coffee in my morning routines.


When I drink tea in the morning, it is almost always caffeinated, whether it be a green or black tea (black containing more caffeine than green), both working effectively to boost me up in the early mornings at work. Sometimes if I need a little something flavorful in the afternoons, I’ll make some non-caffeinated tea too: Cinnamon and Apple is my favorite right now; sweet yet refreshing and definitely quenches any afternoon snack cravings I may have!

About a year ago, I bought a one-person tea-maker from Teavana: The Perfect Tea-Maker, they call it. I absolutely love it! It really is perfect, and steeps the loose tea leaves perfectly, whenever I happen to get them from their store. I keep mine at my desk at work, and would highly recommend investing in this really awesome product. Their loose tea comes in an unbelievably huge assortment; you all need to get into a Teavana store if you love your teas. They let you smell them and they’re so colorful and fun to look at – definitely a fun shopping experience, at least for me! I’ve tried quite a few flavors, but my favorites are the Masala Chai and the Mango Green tea, if I had to narrow it down to two.

Mango Green Tea:

Masala Chai Tea:

Teavana also sells really great tea tins to store your tea, so it doesn’t lose it’s flavor or dry out. Check them out! These tins are probably my favorites.

Another great tea distributor I found recently is called Mighty Leaf Tea – I actually received some White Orchard dry tea leaves and some Matcha Frappe Mixย as Christmas gifts, and love both the flavors! White Orchard has a slight sweet taste to it, while the Matcha Frappe mix is great to mix with almond milk (or even water) for an ice-cold morning “tea latte”. The Frappe mix is a great substitute for people who are used to drinking iced coffees, and the benefits of Matcha are endless… I’d definitely try Matcha tea if you haven’t yet!

Even at night I drink tea, obviously decaffeinated, in order to relax and unwind a bit after long days; there are a myriad of teas out there that advertise their calming effects. I personally like Chamomile tea, since it helps with digestion and absolutely relaxes my muscles and mind. The ingredients associated with calming teas are listed in this great article on Mark’s Daily Apple, so when you’re shopping for teas, make sure you read their ingredients and target some of these essential ones!

I hope I’ve converted a few of you coffee-drinkers to tea after reading this…or have encouraged current tea-drinkers to try some new flavors and combinations. Obviously, you can find tea in every grocery store, bagged already or loose-leaf…you can steep the tea to your liking of strength…and you can search for certain ingredients that yield certain results (caffeine vs. sleepytime tea, etc.). I’d like to leave you all with this lovely (and very true!) poster I found about my love for tea. Happy Steeping!


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