Favorite Topic Friday: Fun Runs

This past Wednesday, my family hosted the “Dunne Funne Runne” out by Holy Hill as part of a series of Wednesday runs that the Badgerland Strider Running Group organizes for those living in Wisconsin. These 5K fun runs are just that: a 3.1 mile run/jog/walk (whichever you prefer), typically in a park or on trails, all in Southeastern Wisconsin.

The runs each week are organized by a volunteer/member of the Badgerland Striders, and they are given a budget with which they can buy snacks and food for the runners after the race. Now, when I say race, I mean that very liberally; these runs are purely for hanging out with other Striders, while exercising and enjoying the great outdoors in WI. It’s really a great team-building effort, for a sport that is oftentimes more individualistic.

So last night was our run that we volunteered to organize. It’s a 5K route that circumnavigates Holy Hill. It’s a beautiful trail run, partially on pavement too. Here’s the map layout we presented to our runners…all 11 of them. Yesterday happened to be a pretty rainy and chilly day. In the mid-60’s and cloudy, the rain was patchy during the day, and we were hoping it would let up for that short half hour time slot… but of course, it didn’t. Oh well! The 11 runners had a great time, and the food afterwards was fantastic (all homemade by my family).  While the clean-up was slightly on the muddy side, we all had a great time! Here’s a great shot of the group I took after the run, whilst enjoying our food and drinks!


These 5K runs are really a great way to meet new friends who also run in the area; I’ve met quite a few people who are doing the upcoming half marathon in June at Summerfest, as well as a good deal of people who are doing the full Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October (which I am also doing! Eeeeks!).

Here’s the Badgerland Strider fun run schedule (all on Wednesdays) for the rest of this running season (summer and fall). The Striders sponsor a good amount of other runs in the area, as well, for a variety of different causes. The themes are really fun, and the food is great – such a great group!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Weekend! Now get out and run!


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