Friday Favorites: January 24, 2014

Good evening my friends! For the first time in awhile, I have some beautiful relaxation time on a Friday night to write a blog post. Who would’ve guessed? The fact that it’s -25 degrees with the windchill outside… that might help me stay inside too!

Fridays are my favorite days to recount what my favorite parts of the previous week are… reflecting on what I can work harder and better on in the future, and what I can definitely avoid in the coming week.

Here are some of my favorites right now in my life! Hope you like them too, and enjoy reading!

I recently saw this movie. And let me tell you, I AM ALREADY OBSESSED. Idina Menzel is so inspiring and an incredibly talented singer, I can’t even comprehend how flawless her voice is and how seamless it seems for her to hit such beautiful high notes. I am a sucker for new Disney movies, and the story-line and ultimate lesson taught at the end of the movie is timeless and perfect: love. I highly recommend seeing this movie, especially if you love musicals, happy endings, and animated movies. (Even if youΒ don’t, GO SEE IT!).


Family Feud
Let me first tell you… I don’t watch television. I am a movie-watcher through and through. I don’t even have cable. From there, I have to admit I have a very intense love for watching Family Feud. Steve Harvey is just hilarious, I love listening to the CRAZY answers that people have, and the families? Oh gosh, all of them have their quirks that my roommate and I loooove to point out. Give it a try, it’s fantastic and so entertaining.

Zevia Ginger-ale
As simple as it sounds, this delicious drink is my go-to when I want something that tastes fresh and crisp; made with only natural flavors and containing no calories… how could I resist?


TurboFire Workouts
If you have never heard of this workout series (it’s a lot like P90x or Insanity), you need to try it! Or at least ask around about it. Chalene Johnson leads you through HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, Fire blasting cardio, and also has segments in her series that target specific body parts, using only a stretching band and a mat.


Her spunk and energy are only second best to the fantastic burn I feel at the end of doing one of her segments. My personal favorite workouts are her abs section, upper body, core, and every single one of her HIIT workouts. Pairing two or even three of them up leaves me panting in (good) exhaustion and feeling sore all over.

Check out the entire program here. I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed!

Think Thin Bars
Last but certainly not least, are my new favorite protein bars. I tried these for the first time on a whim, since they had no sugar and were loaded with protein. I instantly fell in love and have at least one per day everyday (sometimes two, if I really worked out hard!). My favorite flavor is Chunky Peanut Butter, but they are all fantastic, honestly. I buy them in bulk. Try them! Oh, did I mention they’re gluten free??


What are some of your favorites this week? Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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