Friday (Monday) Favorites: February 10, 2014

‘Tis Monday once again, guys! I did not get a chance to post my Friday Favorites last week on the 7th, so I’m going to post one today instead! Happy Reading!

Quinoa Bites
I recently made peanut butter quinoa bars/cookies/bites. I somewhat created this recipe myself after reviewing some similar ones on my granola bar-themed and gluten-free themed Pinterest boards. Ultimately, the recipe included cooked quinoa, cacao nibs, natural crunchy peanut butter, a mashed ripe banana… and that’s it!

1620771_10201668169618247_1182002940_nI made my first batch last Wednesday, and, sadly, they are already gone. As silly as they look, they were fantastic!

Olympics Figure Skating
Lately, I seem to only catch the ice dancing competitions on TV, which I thoroughly enjoy. Gracie Gold did an amazing job last night on her solo skate! It amazes me how strong, beautiful, and powerful their dances are.


Cal Lightman & Gillian Foster
Lie to Me. Last winter, I watched all three seasons on Netflix consecutively (and very quickly), and am taking the liberty of re-watching them all this winter. I love learning how to break down micro-expressions to see if the characters are lying, and the humor and wittiness of each character puts the cherry on top. Such a great show – check it out if you haven’t already! (Not to mention, Cal Lightman is a fox!)

Tabata Workouts
Tabata workouts have become such a popular new trend lately, and I LOVE THEM! I have found so many online, and I keep trying new combinations at the gym… always a great workout! Here’s one anyone can do at home. Believe me, you’ll feel it the next day and definitely break a sweat!


Dark Nail Colors
My roommate and I constantly toil between light and dark colors for our nails, depending on the season, holidays, etc. And I have constantly been drawn to darker colors. More… mysterious might I say?


Actually, lots of things have been my favorite lately πŸ™‚ So I will leave you with this lovely beautiful inspiring quote. Ta-ta-for-now!


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