Thursday Thoughts: Loving Love

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, here are some words of wisdom that incorporate the word LOVE in them. Loving yourself, your family, your significant other, and your friends… and of course pets. All encompassing day of love!


Resolution for this year? Love!!


Such a beautiful definition.


DO YOU. Love yourself first, no matter WHAT.


It is crucial to love yourself before you can extend your love to others. Know yourself and you will be able to share that love with those around you πŸ™‚


However you love, however you say I love you… make it from the heart.


Trust in your love and feelings. Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with, so take that leap of faith πŸ™‚ Everything works out in the end!


So true. All you need is love. ❀


Love is adorable πŸ™‚ And so are these elephants. Be Adorable!

It doesn’t matter who you love or if you even love anybody but yourself, just be true and honest. I know that Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day for a lot of people (single or off-the-market) and it’s just important to remember that we need to love each other everyday, not just this particular special holiday. Call your parents and grandparents and tell them you love them. Call your best friend or set up a dinner date to catch up. Spreading love one word, hug, or kiss at time shows everyone they do not have to be alone. Everyone deserves to be loved πŸ™‚

Mwah! There’s my little soap box speech πŸ™‚ Happy happy joy joy to you all! ❀

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