Thursday Thoughts: Time to Travel

Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this lovely Thursday, and have had an exciting week thus far! My mind has been stuck on one topic lately (besides food and fitness, of course) and that’s travel. Here are some thoughts going through my head that will hopefully inspire you to get out there and travel too! Life is too short to be stuck in one place, right?!


Flying somewhere…anywhere…on a plane… or driving until I run out of gas… I just can’t stop thinking about it! Do you ever feel the need to just GO somewhere? While it’s always important to remember your roots, I firmly believe that we are not meant to just stay in one place forever.


Time to pick up your feet and move! I take this in the sense of travelling to other regions and places, but also in the sense that we need to move around to live! Time to get off the couch, turn off the TV and get outside! You never know what could change your life or inspire you.


I want to see the world and learn about all kinds of places and cultures, try different foods and see different wildlife and vegetation! Africa is absolutely on my list of places to visit. And hopefully soon!


Australia, Africa, Brazil, Iceland… some places that are definitely on my list. Everywhere would be nice 🙂


Suggested by my sister, this is a perfect quote by St. Augustine summarizing the importance of travelling. No one wants to read just one page of a book right? How are you going to learn anything or be truly inspired/affected? 🙂


Ahhh, poetry.


Absolutely something we all need to do. Stop trying to control everything in your life (an issue I often have, personally) and just let go.

Wonder where you wander.
Peace & Love, Travelers!

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