Thursday Thoughts: Time for a Vacation

In light of the disgusting, severe and terrible cold weather we have all been experiencing for FAR too long (a month is too long for me, let alone several!), I dedicate this post to happy tropical warm thoughts πŸ™‚ We all deserve to get away every once awhile, even if it’s just day dreaming of warm places and planning sweet weekend trips with our friends or family to reset our heads. Enjoy, and hopefully these warm you from the inside out!


Vacations are essential to keeping our sanity. Am I right? Everyone deserves one at some point, and it’s the perfect way to re-engage our senses and truly relax away from all the hustle and bustle that life constantly throws at us.


Bali. One of the most beautiful places on this planet, in my opinion. And definitely in my top five travel-to places on my bucket list. So enchantingly beautiful.


Australia. Specifically above: The Great Barrier Reef. My friend is traveling abroad in Australia as I’m typing this (Shout out, Kelsey!) and every single one of her photos makes me wants to travel there more and more. Warm, happy, inviting, and surrounded by beautiful oceans. What else could you ask for?




Ireland. My absolute favorite destination. I cannot express thoroughly and completely enough how much I miss traveling there. I have been fortunate enough to travel there a myriad of times in my childhood and young adulthood, and would LOVE to go back as soon as humanly possible. Such perfection.

0197842c93059a86ec83c4d32dd94e9cRio. After seeing the Disney cartoonΒ RioΒ (yes, I still love Disney and animated movies), I cannot stop thinking about traveling here. Slightly easier than other countries to travel to… (since our continents are connected, that’s my reasoning), so I should probably book a ticket ASAP, right?


Africa. I know I posted this last week, but it absolutely rings true in my mind. African savannas, the animals, the heat, the dessert, and all the incredible cultures and tribes of people there. My heart goes out to Africa and if I could get there one day… my dream would come true!

Ahhh, the beach is calling my name… is anyone else tempted to buy a ticket, jump a plane, and get away for a bit? πŸ™‚ Happy Thursday, dears!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts: Time for a Vacation

  1. So inspiring, timely and accurate! I feel if I stare into any of your pictures long enough, I am actually there! Thank you for this mental vacation on this dreary polar vortex afternoon!

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