Current Lovings 3.26.14

Hi folks! Afternoon post for today! I've been searching on Pinterest quite a bit after work nowadays and have a big happy board filled with things I'm loving, and would someday love to add to my collection of THINGS and STUFFS. Here are some really awesome things I'm loving right now! Rustic Reclaimed Wine Rack [...]

Tuesday Tastes: What to do with Celery

Good Tuesday morning everyone! Can I just say howΒ I cannot believe there is snow on the ground AGAIN this morning?! Isn't it the end of March? Eesh, so glad I'm jet setting off to California in two days. Wisconsin seems to be really lashing out this winter as long as possible! Moving on... Thinking about [...]

MIMM: March 24

Ohhh it's Monday again. I cannot BELIEVE it's almost the end of March. Honestly, what's happening that life is on fly-by mode?? No complaining, just so much happening lately πŸ™‚ "All good things, all good things." - Olaf,Β Frozen. Moving on... Here are some wonderful happenings from my weekend that are making me feel Marvelous in [...]

Ways to Love Yourself and Your Body

Simple, short, and sweet post for today. I think this list is a great reminder of how we need to love ourselves. Life is too short to be really is. Everyday we need to take every breath for what it is, and think one step at a time. What we think about and spend [...]

Thinking Out Loud – First Day of Spring

Good morning everybody! Happy First Day of Spring! Even though Spring does not include snow on the ground and 30 degree weather... I'll take it! As they say... in like a lion, out like a lamb? Here's hoping πŸ™‚ I have a few thoughts today for Thursday's Thinking out Loud... thanks again Amanda! 1. Multi-Vitamins.Β Yay [...]

Tuesday Tastes: Cauliflower

Greetings all! Hoping you are all enjoying your week thus far - yesterday totally flew by for me! Gotta love St. Patty's Day! πŸ™‚ Great times with family and friends... and amazing Irish food- you really can't beat that!Moving on to today's food topic: CAULIFLOWER. I have really been enthralled by this veggie lately, and [...]

MIMM: Erin Go Braugh!

Happy (Chilly) Saint Patrick's Day everyone!! It's absolutely a very easy day to feel Marvelous in my Monday - seeing as St. Patrick's Day is tied for my favorite holiday EVER. Gotta love celebrating my Irish heritage, and, with the last name Dunne, my family definitely goes all out with food, parties, and great times [...]