Tuesday Tastes: Mardi Gras Edition!!

Happy Fat Tuesday!! Can’t believe it’s already a few days into March and it still looks like it’s Christmas! I heard on the radio today: “Good morning on this lovely snowy January 63rd…” and thought it was definitely appropriate.

Since today is an iconic holiday, with lots of partying, celebrating, over-indulging and bead-throwing, what better way to write Tuesday Tastes than by highlighting some delicious traditional Mardi Gras bites? My family is a huge fan of cajun/New Orleans-local food, so this was a piece o’ King Cake for me to research and get together. Enjoy!


Classic, classic Mardi Gras meal (and the favorite of my entire family alike) is the one and only ‘Po Boy. We prefer Shrimp ‘Po Boys ourselves, but Oyster, Scallop, Lobster ones are JUST as delicious!


Another traditional and equally delicious Mardi Gras dish is Gumbo in all its forms. I have a fabulous recipe for “Gumbo-laya” – obviously a cross between gumbo and jambalaya – check it out! Looks and sounds perfectly spiced to me, and filled with yummy meats and flavors!


You cannot go wrong with a Red Beans n’ Rice recipe for Mardi Gras- incredibly Louisiana-traditional and exceptionally delicious looking! This easy recipe is all meant for a crock-pot, but there are a huge variety of recipes out there on how to get the most delicious meal for your celebration.


One of my favorite food staples on this planet is always-impeccable Cornbread. Again, while there are many variations of this sweet and savory bread out there, I figured, why not spice it up (literally) for Mardi Gras? Here’s a recipe for Jalapeno Corn Bread that would be the perfect side or appetizer for today!


Move along to the desserts, shall we? I have highlighted my two favorite-favorite desserts to have on Mardi Gras (and really, I’d have them any time if I could).

Beignets. Sugary, fried deliciousness in donut form. Did I mention they put more sugar on top? Oh yeah, forgot to mention that. Traditional buttermilk beignets at your service. You really must try and make these sometime you feel like splurging. They’re simple, and TOTALLY worth it. *mouth watering*


Lastly, but obviously nowhere near the least important, is the most grandiose Mardi Gras dessert of all: KING CAKE. Need I say more?? Cake cake cake.


Now GO and EAT and BE MERRY 🙂
(Gotta get those beads, guys!)

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