Tuesday Tastes: What to do with Celery

Good Tuesday morning everyone!


Can I just say how I cannot believe there is snow on the ground AGAIN this morning?! Isn’t it the end of March? Eesh, so glad I’m jet setting off to California in two days. Wisconsin seems to be really lashing out this winter as long as possible!

Moving on…
Thinking about what to post for today’s Tastes, I didn’t really know where to go, so I started thinking of what was in my refrigerator that I have to eat before my trip on Thursday. And I remembered… I have a huge bag of celery I just got last weekend that needs to be eaten.

That led me to question…
How do I eat celery other than with peanut butter or on a salad?

Here are some pretty interesting and and awesome ways to incorporate celery into your regular daily meals. Hope you get some new ideas!

Blueberry Celery Smoothie. This super-easy smoothie is packed with vitamins and fiber, from the blueberries and tons of celery in it. Using coconut water is a great combination too, to keep that health factor high and added sugars down.


Citrus Celery Salad. Woah, definitely adding this to my salad repertoire. Everything about this celery salad screams detox and very clean-eating! Grapefruit and celery as a combination sounds absolutely fantastic. Give it a try for lunch or a side dinner salad!


Apple & Celery Chicken Salad. One of my favorite ways to use celery is to put it in chicken salad. I really need to make this more often, especially in the summer. Such a burst of crunchy, sweet, and savory flavors. Mmm!


Easy Chow Mein. Perfect for lunch or an easy family dinner, you can add tons of veggies to this chow mein recipe, including using up a few stalks of celery!


Cauliflower Chowder (with Celery!). Remember when I posted last week about Cauliflower? I just found a killer cauliflower soup recipe that incorporates all kinds of veggies in one. Aaaand bacon. Enough said, right?


Tuna Salad Celery Boats with Avocado and Dill. Here’s a fun way to spice up the most typical use of celery (ants on a log – anyone remember that??). When I’m in the mood, I can definitely get down on tuna salad, and instead of putting the celery in the salad, why not put the salad in the celery. Brilliant!


Cucumber, Celery and Gin Sorbet. And you thought I wouldn’t find a dessert with celery in it? Well, here you have it! I don’t know what to say other than… this sounds AMAZING. So few ingredients, this could definitely become one of my go-to summer Friday night desserts. Gin and veggies? Yes, please 🙂


Hope you go out and buy a ton of celery now! You can use quite a few stalks in just one recipe, so never let it go to waste again! Happy Eating everyone!

What’s your favorite way to eat celery?

Let’s connect!




2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tastes: What to do with Celery

    1. You should get a Nutribullet! It’s totally affordable (compared to a Vitamix) and does the same things! I’ve blended celery in it and it totally smoothies out perfectly 🙂


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