MIMM: After a week-long break…

Happy Belated Easter, people! 🙂 I trust you all shoved your faces with enough ham and chocolate? Good, me too.

chocolate bunny

 And yes, as an almost-25-year-old, I still got Easter baskets. From both parents, aaand my grandmas. Feeling the love ❤


After an incredibly busy few weeks, I am FINALLY back, with lots of news to share 🙂 Definitely a marvelous time in my life!

Body Pump Certification Training – PASSED

body pump cert

After a loooong 27-hour weekend of body pump training, I finished last Sunday night with an acceptance and passing grade through the training portion! I was THRILLED, albeit incredibly sore from all the lifting we were doing. The training was arduous and I really pushed my body through the mental blocking I usually encounter when I workout hard. I couldn’t be happier!!! I felt SO MARVELOUS, and I can’t wait to finalize my last few stages to get OFFICIALLY certified in Les Mills Body Pump 🙂

bodypump 3

Above: Photo of our class from the weekend. I’m in the front row 🙂

And I just got word that I can start shadowing my usual gym instructor to get used to the stage life 😉 Can’t WAIT to get this rolling and incorporated into my normal schedule! Body Pump Instructor…COMIN AT YA!

I love my dog 🙂


One of my favorite favorite parts of going home for a weekend, aside from seeing my family of course, is hanging out with my hilarious, adorable, and super perfect puppy Gus. This is us in the back of my family van (he takes up most of the seat). So regal isn’t he?

Easter with my family.

Looong weekend filled with copious amounts of home-cooked food, and quality gut-busting laughter that only your hilarious sisters or silly grandparents can induce.


Easter mass, as tradition. (Awesome lighting in this picture – nooooot!) And my dad and I were lectors this year – pretty exciting moment for us to read in front of hundreds! 🙂

Newwwww makeup!

My mom   The Easter bunny got me some great new mascara you have GOT to try. I am super impressed with it, and I like to think of myself as a pretty stingy person when it comes to finding the perfect mascara.


Some Random Fashion Finds I LOVE.


Peasant Blouse: HERE


Kimono Cute Blue Dress: HERE


Good Karma Flutter Sleeve Dress: HERE


Fade Out Skinny Jeans: HERE

Inspiration, Motivation, Perspiration.

Nothing can replace the feeling of euphoria I get from sweating at the gym/ after a long workout. I can feel the zing in my step and more alertness in my head when I start the day off with a mood-boosting workout. Here are some great quotes I have been reeling through my head lately 🙂

addicted to sweat

lets go



work for it

I hope you all are feeling marvelous today too 🙂 This 70 degree weather in Wisconsin sure does the trick! Happy Monday everybooooooooooooooody ❤


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