Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!


On this glorious day, we all celebrate life and this beautiful planet we are graced to live upon. I am a huge advocate for all sustainable changes environmentalists suggest we make, as well as conservation activism.


Our world really is a majestic place, and we really need to take care of it inΒ so many more ways than we currently do.Β There are so many simple changes we can make to protect this place for future generations – we simply need to care more to realize this.

protect the earth

My family…we’re big outdoorsy people. We love playing outside in our yard, running on trails, hiking and taking photos of incredibly green and lively scenery, as well as camping. Lots of camping. Ever since I was little, my family has always taught me the importance of loving nature and not tampering with it as much as I can. Always leave your campsite or picnic area cleaner than when you first arrived…that’s the motto!


I hope you all go hug a tree today πŸ™‚ Because, yeah, I do that too! ❀

tree hugger

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