MIMM: Running, Showers and Cinco De Mayo!

Aaaand it’s Monday again. It’s also Cinco de Mayo…I never really celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Is that bad? I love Mexican food, but I don’t go out for margaritas or eat my body weight in taco dip on this holiday (that was only in high school!).

Too…much… food…I can’t even.
i cant even

But nevertheless, there are SO many good amazingΒ marvelous things happening in my life right now! Here we gooo!


Saturday morning, I ran my second half marathon of this year. I ran with my friends Sarah and Nicole, and BOY I could not have asked for a better outcome πŸ™‚

me and sarah

Yes you guys.Β I got a Lifetime PR!!! I beat my last PR by SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES. I don’t reeeeally know how that happened, but it did. And I’ll take it. YES πŸ™‚ We got big heavy medals at the end (that also double as bottle openers. OH WISCONSIN, I tell ya). Great weather, great friends!!

sarah and me

Immediately after the race, I sped home to join one of my best friends for her bridal shower! She’s getting married in just over a month, and I am SO excited. The venue was beautiful, and she got some really fantastic kitchen appliances. (Do I need to be getting married to make a registry for this stuff too? Because yes).

stef and me

And her cupcakes were SO DELICIOUS! I had a big white one (obviously felt I deserved it after the half was over!) and it was more of a pecan muffin with vanilla frosting than a cupcake. Which I was allll about! How beautiful are they!


Oh, and remember my post last Thursday about getting chickens? Well, here they are. They’re loving their little box/cage/thing and swarm around each other to keep warm under the heater. They eat nonstop, cheep all day, and just seem to be pretty dang happy right now. Cute, huh?


Saturday and Sunday nights, I devoted myself to reading. Lots and lots of reading. I officially registered for myΒ NETA Group Fitness Certification so that will be taking some free time to make an outline, write out note cards, and have my mom quiz me. Yup, just like the good ol’ high school days. July 12 is the exam, so I will FOR SURE be ready!


I also got some new fun books for myself this weekend!Β Miracles NowΒ by Gabrielle Bernstein,Β Cooking Light’s Gluten Free Cookbook, andΒ The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon. SOOO excited to bury my nose in these!!


And finally, some choice Cinco de Mayo foods that will make you feel Maaaarvelous πŸ™‚ Enjoy everyone!


Cinco De Mayo Breakfast Tacos

corn guac

Sweet Corn Grilled Guacamole


Dos Berry Salsa

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4 thoughts on “MIMM: Running, Showers and Cinco De Mayo!

  1. Thanks for going to her Bridal Shower! It was good to see you!
    The non-frosting part of the cupcake that you had was called Italian Wedding Cake. Glad my lady could make your little bloggity! πŸ™‚ Have a great week!


  2. Ahh congrats on your PR, seven minutes! dang! is all I have to say you must have been training your butt off! I am hoping to do another half marathon in August and hoping to PR too!


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