Thinking Out Loud: Headed to Chicago!

Good Thursday morning y’all! I am so excited for this weekend – I get to leave work early to take a train down to see my sister! She graduates from college (Magna Cum Laude, might I add) and we’re spending the whole weekend together to celebrate!


Thanks again Amanda for hosting, as alllllways ❤

Today’s post is going to be short, but here are some hilarious, inspirational, and just random thoughts I’ve been thinking lately (thanks to Pinterest). En-yoy!

There’s a reason for everything.

This one is a huge favorite of mine. If you approach situations in your life with a smile and positive attitude, it’s incredible how things always seem to work out.

I loved this post about producing endorphins. What a solid statement too.
All good drugs, all good drugs.

CotterCrunch posted this the other day too; there’s always an opportunity to change the way you think and feel so its better and healthier. ANYONE can do it.


I absolutely have to remind myself of this. There are endless possibilities out there; who you’ll meet today, what you’ll experience, different sights you’ll see. Don’t turn down opportunities, because you never know how your life could drastically change for the better ❤

Interesting concept… I like it!

Lastly, be like this guy.
And have a BOMB day today, lovelies ❤

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