Tuesday Tastes: SUPER EASY Eggy Tri-Colored Quinoa

Yay for Tuesdays! It means Monday is over, and we can all exhale a little as we delve deeper into our weeks and get closer to the weekENDS 🙂 Hope you all had a terrific start to your week!


Last night I made one of my faaavorite staple “dishes,” although its really so easy to make, it’s probably not even up to full dish-status. I really wanted to use the Tri-Colored Quinoa I won in Energy We Bring’s gluten-free giveaway, (Thanks again ladies!!) so here was my chance!

Simple steps, guys. For real.

Cook Quinoa as directed on package. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, add 1 cup of Quinoa. Bring to boil again, then cover and reduce to medium heat. Let simmer for 12 minutes, and voila! It’s done!

Then I transferred the quinoa into a frying pan, let it sizzle off some of the excess moisture it accumulated, and cracked two eggs in the middle of the pan.


Stir it around for a few minutes until eggs are fully cooked in the quinoa.



I didn’t add any spices, because that allows me to make this either breakfast, lunch OR dinner. I can throw it over a salad, warm it up with ketchup for breakfast, or even throw some veggies in it for a dinner plate!

This morning, I tried a new class at my gym. INSANITY.


I’ve done Sean T’s version of Insanity a few times with my step-sister a few years ago, but I haven’t taken a class of it since then.

I was sweating profusely after just the warm up!

It was such a great feeling, with jumping exercises pushing my legs and glutes farther into the sore pain feeling that I totally crave and love. Definitely taking that class again soon!


As you can see, I’m purty durn shweaty 🙂

Happy Tuesday! Time for me to get back to work now!  Xoxo

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