Dubbed with the Liebster Award!


Lookit here everyone! I was nominated from Bendiful Blog for this Liebster Award! I am so excited, and I really hope you all enjoy learning a bit more about me 🙂 Thanks again for the nomination!

1. Are you a morning person, an 11am-er or a night owl?
100% a morning person. I pop out of bed right when my alarm goes off, and am ready to take on the day! I caaaan be a night-owl, however, my body is sticking to the schedule and I usually feel initial sleepiness around 8pm. Yup, I’m an oldie.


2. Quick what’s your favorite item in the room you are currently in and why?
Welp, I’m sitting at my desk at work. Sooo finding my favorite item isn’t very likely. My cube wall is covered in pictures of my friends, family, and puppies; those mean more to me than any tangible object.

That being said, probably my big bag of dark chocolate chips I bought over lunch. Bad thing?

3. What’s your favorite show to marathon watch?
Is it baaad if I say old-school Spongebob? Yeah, I won’t say that. I really love watching Sherlock episodes from BBC, but there are only 6 of them, so its hard to marathon watch them.


Otherwise, I really like to binge watch Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives marathons with my mom when I can. Always so much food-awesomeness to take in!


4. What’s your favorite way to spend a Wednesday night?
Wednesdays in the summer, my running group has fun runs. We always run 3 miles, or if you want to loop the route twice, you can do that too. There’s always a ton of good food there, depending on the theme of the run, and always a bunch of great people to catch up with. I actually ran my fastest 3 miles ever at a fun run recently. Nothing beats Fun Run Season.

IMG_20140611_193400Recycled picture from last week’s fun run 🙂

5. Your neighbors…tell us about them 🙂
Well I just recently moved to my new apartment complex. So I don’t know any of my neighbors yet. However, my friend Sarah lives in the same complex but a different building! And my cousin Bridget lives in yet another building! They’re totally awesome people – woo! Yes yes, I know I have to meet my actual building neighbors soon…

6. Would you rather run a marathon or Swim (escape) from Alcatraz?
Seeing as I just ran a marathon last fall, and also just recently toured Alcatraz prison last spring…. I vote marathon. Hands down. Those waves are terrifying, and no one (allegedly) successfully did it!

Here’s a (really creepy) picture my dad took of me in
Birdman’s cell from Alcatraz.

7. What are the three strangest gadgets you own? If you have one of those hair curler bucket blow driers or a bedazzler you get extra point in my book.
Hmmm, this is tough. Since I recently moved, I have purged my drawers and closet of anything that’s weird or pretty much completely obsolete or unnecessary to everyday living. I used to have a Ped Egg when I lived with my mom, but it freaks me out now… so I left it there.

I have a sticker maker too – but I’d hardly call that strange! It was so useful in high school with all my decorated notes I’d write to my friends in class! I mean… after school when I was done with studying.


8. You’re in a rush to work…what music are you listening to?
Depends on the kind of rush. If I’m really racing, I turn the radio off completely. If I’m just goin’ Speedy Gonzalez down the freeway, I like listening to 70s and 80s classic rock, or possibly the new Skrillex EDM CD. Jimmy Buffett always finds his way in there too 🙂


9.  What’s your favorite flavor of coffee, toothpaste and gum?
Coffee – Highlander Grogg, made by Berres Brothers. My grandparents brew this stuff and it is such sweet perfection, with no sugar or cream. Ever.
Toothpaste – Crest 3D White. But really anything that’s not Spearmint or Bubblegum is good with me!


Gum – Five Cobalt Peppermint. I pretty much refuse to chew anything else 🙂

10. True or false: it’s a little scary when you get new Instagram follower and they like 10 pictures in a row? Admit it you’ve done it to people 😉
False, yet sort of True. I don’t think it’s scary, but I also think they’re totally bored and trying to get me to follow them back. Sowwy, that doesn’t earn brownie points for me! Haha… (maybe it does). Here’s my Instagram for your wanderlusting…


11. Out of all the Pinterest pins you have pinned that are DIY or recipes how many have you actually tried?
Ahhhhh, not enough. My recipes on Pinterest take over the whole world, and I am slowwwwly checking them off my list. A lot of times, I pin recipes just for a random idea that’s IN the recipe, and not for the full one itself. But now that I live on my own, I’ve been knocking out some new recipes faster than usual. OH YEAH.

Well there you have it! A fun little insight on my little Wisconsin fit life 🙂

Hope you enjoyed and feel free to ask anymore questions!

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