Friday Favorites: June 27

Yeah, I know I know. I haven’t been on my blogging game this week. Honestly didn’t have too much to share, so I let things add up a bit for a bigger, more interesting post to read πŸ™‚

Moving on…to some recent favorites in my realm of Shannon lately.

1.Β Gus.Β He’s obviously always my favorite. And he hasn’t made a celebrity appearance on my blog for awhile. So here he is πŸ™‚

20140621_191246 20140621_191254

2.Β RECEIVING MY OFFICIAL BODY PUMP CERTIFICATION! Okay so I may have lied up there about nothing exciting happening in my life. I officially received an email Thursday saying I am 100% certified as a Les Mills Body Pump Instructor!



So seriously thrilled that I can teach in any gym setting now. Oh, and this is JUST the beginning. Prepare for Β more certifications coming up, guys! πŸ™‚ I think I found my niche.

3.Β Yoga and Stretching. Feels. So. Great. After all this weight training for body pump, and long-distance running, pool running, and cycling… this morning was the perfect day to just STRETCH. Breathing deeply. Letting go.


4. On that note, I’d like to mirror this puppy’s thoughts.

thats a wrap

Okay, I am NOT a fan of small dogs, but THIS is hilarious. Wrapping up in a blanket sounds pretty perfect right now. Watching movies, eating popcorn, and studying for my Final NETA Group Fitness certification exam coming up. Ahhhh, yes, all of that!


5. Just loooove this. (the idea). Maybe I could do one strand… Oooh!


6. Food. All the Food.

I made these breakfast cookies.


And have reintroduced turkey bacon in my life. (Happiness happiness happiness)


Officially voted this to be the best combination of foods EVER on the planet. Turkey and avocado. I just CANNOT get enough.


7. I need this outfit, in its entirety.


8.Β Scandal Season 3.Β Finally catching up on this show. I reeeeeally don’t like watching TV, but for some reason Kerry Washington just sucked me into this show πŸ™‚


I love the back-handed drama and fighting and schemes and plans… give me more!


9. Really excited to go to Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg this weekend! So much good food, ahem, chocolate covered strawberries.


10. Have a fabulous weekend folks! Mwah! PS- is it really almost July?! WOO!

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One thought on “Friday Favorites: June 27

  1. Love your dog! And totally agree with turkey and avocado being the bestest combo ever. I just started watching season 3 of Scandal (thanks Netflix), and it’s the only thing that will keep me on an elliptical for 40 minutes.


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