MIMM: Fourth Full of Family Fun!


Thanks for being MARVELOUS you guys ❀

I have so much to talk about regarding the weekend, so I’m going to minimize the chatter, and post the photos with just a few words each. So much family fun, and I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as well! Cheers!

Dave Matthews with Sarah at Summerfest

Delicious froyo treats with Natalie on Thursday

3rd of July Fireworks at the Lakefront

Firecracker Four run with my dad and sisters

My sister Manda posing with the best puppy ever, Gus.

Attempting to pogo stick. Yeah…. definitely not as easy as I thought!

IMG_20140704_212654 (1)IMG_20140704_213038
At-home fireworks Friday night!

IMG_20140705_192850 (1)
Painting my kitchen on Saturday!

Delicious lunch Manda made for us. Cauliflower mash with sauteed shrimp.

Color Run Volunteers on Sunday morning. Go Team Blue!

IMG_20140706_09024720140706_104152My dad…. in the fray. AKA – Papa Smurf!!

Such a busy, productive, and fun-filled weekend. Can’t wait to see what next weekend brings, and I’m really looking forward to this warm, humid weather we’re expecting πŸ™‚ Happy Monday y’all! Peace & Love, xoxo.

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