MIMM: Officially a Triathlete!

I did it, you guys! Completed my very first triathlon this weekend. Albeit it was a triathlon sprint, I still feel so happy and totally accomplished; it was such an awesome and fun experience, and I’m so lucky to have been able to do it with my dad for my upcoming 25th birthday! Such a solid workout. Let’s recap with some photos, yes? ❀


Friday night: relaxation and carbo-loading. Pretty solid. I forgot to take a picture of my meal, but I had a massive sweet potato with peanut butter and a salad, so graciously built by my step-mom. DA-LISH.

Eeeearly Saturday morning (about 5:30am), my dad and I gallivant off to central Wisconsin, just past the Wisconsin Dells, to our triathlon destination. Long drive, but it was totally beautiful and scenic on the way up, and we were able to talk-out our pre-race jitters πŸ™‚


My little sister woke me up (at 5:30am) and presented me with this
beautiful hand-made sign, wishing me luck πŸ™‚
Had to pose Gus with it, doesn’t he look so excited for me too?!

We get to our destination, check in, get our things ready, and set up our stations.

20140726_082411 20140726_082413

Here is a quick shot I took of our stations, both bikes, all our gear laid out. I took another picture (on the right) showing how close we were to the lake.
Such a beautiful, perfect morning!


C’mon, HOW HILARIOUS do we look?!


I brought my sister’s sign to show her how awesome she is for making it for me! All ready to go!Β And we finished TRIUMPHANT! The swim was beautiful and the water was warm. We ran as much as we could in the beginning, and then quickly transitioned into a swim for the remaining parts.

Ran out of the water, washed our feet off, and quickly jumped on our bikes! The ride was spectacular and we had a lot of talk time through the fields and farmland of Wisconsin. Came through the transition and grabbed our ipods for the last leg of the tri: the run. Easy peasy right? Well our legs were JELLY from pushing through the bike ride, so it took us a couple minutes to get into the swing of it!IMG_20140726_112541

Here we are: happy clams! We called ourselves “Team Watermelon” the whole time haha! Thought we were pretty clever for that πŸ˜‰

Β Β As we sat enjoying our barbeque sandwiches, chocolate milk, fresh fruit, and gulping down water, we stayed to listen to the awards ceremony. Lo and behold…


I won second in my age group!! Whaaat. How does that happen?! I felt so great after receiving this cute engraved glass with the race and my place in it πŸ™‚ Yippee!


I knew deep down why the race went so well: we had a solid support system, and great preparation for it, but more importantly, we had positive motivating thoughts for the entire race. We were driven to do well, and would NOT stop until we finished and felt strong!


My dad is such an inspiration to me; and I am so blessed and thankful that he signs up for all these races to coach me and motivate me through! As he now says, “I’ve caught the bug,” but I know where I got it: FROM HIM! ❀ Thanks pop!


Moving on to Sunday morning… the Cudahy Classic in South Milwaukee. There were options for a 10 mile and 5 mile run, and even though we initially signed up for the 10 miler, we did not have time (nor probably enough energy and muscle strength) to do that, so we opted for the 5 miler and crushed it!


(The above photo of the tree was one of my favorite parts of the rest area after the Cudahy Classic – if only my sister were in town, she’d climb straight up!)


And how did I start my Monday? Well BODYPUMP of course!
I’m surprised you asked πŸ˜‰
Such a perfect way to start my BIRTHDAY WEEK! ❀

Happy happy, joy joy.
Peace & Love.

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8 thoughts on “MIMM: Officially a Triathlete!

  1. love this and love you! way to tackle a new thing and kick its butt while you were at it! You are also quite the motivation ma’am! Positive thoughts and good vibes are over half the battle, the rest is training – and you are right at the top in both! Keep it up woman and have a MARVELOUS birthday week!!!!


  2. Wow congratulations on the triathlon!! And even more wow on winning 2nd in your age group!! (I’d probably win 2nd if they let me compete against the 90-110 age group… and there were only 2 of us πŸ™‚ )


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