New Exciting News! I have accepted The Project 10 Challenge!

Hey hey hey people! Hope this (very delayed) post finds you extra happy and extra healthy and doing all awesome things that people love to do in summertime! (Idealistic, I know. But being positive can hopefully influence some moods out there! πŸ™‚ Yes!).

I have so many awesome updates to tell ya. I’m going to do a brief synopsis of my last 2 weeks (ish) and then I’ll get on to THE PROJECT 10 CHALLENGE! ❀

Family Camping Trip.Β The second weekend in August, my dad’s family and I went on our annual camping trip, this year to Amnicon Falls State Park in Northern Wisconsin. SUCH a blast. Very relaxing, and some awesome trails and waterfalls were there! Here’s a synopsis of our time there:

photo (9)

Nuff said. Sisters and Dad in the falls, and me taking selfies. Yeah, bout right.

photo (8)

While there, I had to snap a progress pic. Workin on dem shouldas!

photo (6)

This past weekend was Irish Fest in Milwaukee. One of my favorite festivals of the summer, where my family and I can hoot and holler about being Irish. Yes, we’re a proud bunch, we Dunnes! My dad and I ran theΒ Irish Fest 5K on Saturday, and ran an additional 4 miles afterwards, in preparation for our half marathon this COMING Saturday. Runners, I tell ya.

photo (5)

We stopped at a Farmer’s market downtown after the run for some sustenance. Smoothies and muffins anyone?

photo (2)photo (3)

After our run, we watched my youngest sister dance with Glencastle Irish Dancers! They were so amazing up there, and I’m so proud of her for how much she’s grown in the last 3+ years dancing! They always draw such a huge crowd, and this was her first year she could dance in her special Solo Dress.

Proud and beaming sister (see above)

photo (1)

Saturday night I got the chance to hang with a friend I haven’t seen in SO LONG (she finally moved back to Milwaukee from Minneapolis). We chat chat chatted for abouuuut 5 hours Saturday night. And yes, we still have more to catch up on. We tried a new restaurant called Cafe Bavaria, and we gave it two thumbs up!

photo (4)photo

Sunday brought another long run with a friend, and delicious perfect Queen Bloodies afterwards. We ate at the Knickerbocker, and their brunch is TO.DIE.FOR. Seriously cleaned my plate. Everything was outstanding!

And that about sums up my last few weeks! Just keeping busy, seeing friends and family, and work working. Ya know, the usual.

AND NOW, I’d like to introduce my newest life adventure, Body by Vi!Β I am still training and learning (as I just started this new adventure yesterday), but I am BEYOND thrilled to join the Visalus team, and to help save the world 10 pounds at a time!


I myself am joining the Project 10 Challenge too! My friend Lauren challenged me to lose 10 pounds with her, and now I challenge YOU to do the same! Join me! Here’s my link and other information about the challenge, but I will definitely be posting more on this as my blogs go on πŸ™‚

If you’re not friends with me already, ADD ME ON FACEBOOK!Β 

And watch my Challenge Acceptance Video here!Β 

photo (10)

I am thrilled thrilled thrilled!Β Β Ready to take on a new cause in life, and fight against Global Obesity! (And childhood obesity!)

Otherwise, if you want to know more about the Challenge itself, take a look here! It’s such a solid program, and I am on Day One today! HOLLAAAA ❀

Xoxo, Peace and Love, and Happy Trails everybody!

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