Tuesday Tastes: Cinnamon!

Hello, hi, good morning friends! Almost the end of September, everyone - and I hope you're making the best of this beautiful Fall weather 🙂 Got a beautiful walk in with my family and puppy over the weekend, as well as a solid run in yesterday morning at the gym! #happyShannon over here!   So [...]

TOL: Fall Edition 9.25.14

So its been awhile since I did a themed Thursday Thinking Out Loud post (as always thanks Amanda for the inspiration!), and since this iiiiiiiiis the first week of Autumn, let's roll with it 🙂 1. I haven't had the opportunity to bust out my boots yet for this season (I mean, Fall did JUST [...]

Fox Cities Half Marathon – Got my PR!

Happy Monday people! Took me awhile to muster up the energy to write this blog post today, not gonna lie. Was a long, relaxing weekend to be sure, and the cherry on top was getting my Personal Record for my half marathon yesterday!! Started the weekend with a "Hmph, it's Finally FRIDAY" attitude. Totally necessary. [...]

Thursday Thoughts – Photo Edition 9.18.14

I think we all know what Thursdays are for... ❤ SUCH an important topic. Vi is donating TWICE as much to these children battling obesity. It's time to TAKE ACTION. Who wants to join me in this fight against obesity?! Let's connect on Facebook or message me directly! Check out my personal site for more [...]

The Life of a Busy “Fitness” Bee

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends! Remember me? 🙂 It's okay if you don't. I know I've been all over the place lately... Facebook posts, Insta posts, even Twitter tweets! But it's time for some blog action, agreed? 🙂 Hmm, what's new in the life of Shannon? What's marvelous you ask?! Getting big huge amazing Visalus boxes in the [...]