Last Day of June! #yogagivesbackchallenge Recap

Tuesdayyyyy again!Β Even though its actually my Wednesday, since we have Friday off! Yay holiday vacation days!! Today's post will be short, but I wanted to recap my yoga challenge I joined at the beginning of June since today is the last day! This is the summary of poses we did, and obviously I had to [...]

MIMM #2: A Weekend Recap

Good morning world! Latest blog today, from the girl who slept an hour past her alarm clock and got over TEN hours of sleep last night. YAY energy! BOO less time to workout! We'll just have to transition into an "after-hours" workout instead. This last weekend was filled with spending time with friends allllllll over [...]

#PictureframeFriday Beginnings…

I would like to deem my Fridays as "Picture Frame" Fridays (#pictureframefriday). They will consist (mostly) of photos from my week, with short captions, and will hopefully be super fabulously interesting, loaded with photos of good food, workout ideas, and other musings from my perspective πŸ™‚ I think I may even throw in some inspirational [...]

Thinking Out Loud #1

And so I begin. Begin again, at least. With my Thursday Thinking-Out-Loud posts. Amanda over at Running with Spoons is on her #136 post for these Thursday blogs; I'm so pumped to join up with her again today! Short post for today. With some of my recent thoughts ❀ 1. Summerfest has begun in Milwaukee. [...]

My Wednesday Outdoor Workout

Wednesday already?? And I haven't even been super busy yet this week. The next few days are going to FLY though. I love busy summer nights, Β don't you? My yoga pose from last night...was me doing a puzzle. And watching Cosmos. How can you have a better night, you ask? I'll get back to you [...]

Pan-Fried Teriyaki Chicken and Veggies

Tuesday has arrived! And it's a gorgeous day in Wisconsin. My intention this morning was to go to yoga, buuuuut it turns out the class I thought was today is actually Thursday. No problemo!Β Instead I focused on a upper, mid and lower back workout, accompanied with an easy 2.5 mile run. ^My thoughts exactly. Last [...]