Good Monday morning! I gotta say first off… It feels SO GOOD to be back. And I promise you, I’m back back back…back again, gain, gain… Shannon’s back back back, tell a friend….. πŸ™‚


Joining up with Marvelous in my Monday posts again! Oooooh I MISS THIS!


Special shout-out to my good blog friend Lindsay, for inspiring me to get back into blogging. Go get ’em girl!

Lots of changes, lots of new memories created, and lotssss of happy happy times I can’t wait to share with you. In brief, of course, with probably too many pictures. ButΒ everyone loves pictures, right? Okay cool.

photo 2 (1)

Firstly, the coolest and most exciting addition to my resume will be coming in a few months… when I’m officially aΒ certified personal trainer. I am ready to take this leap and so excited for a new pathway in my fitness career. Stay tuned for posts about what I’m studying, how the quizzes are going, and hopefully some thought-provoking entries about the ever-changing fitness world!

photo 5

Secondly, I’ve been doing this #yogagivesbackchallenge for the whole month of June and it’s COMPLETELY revamped my love for yoga. And my realization about how much I need and crave it in my daily life. See below. πŸ™‚

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (1)IMG_3802IMG_3890

In the last few months, and continuing through the rest of 2015, I’ve been very fortunate to have a fairly delicious travel schedule. And YES, all fo’ fun. Wiff the boyfwend. Β We recently went to Cape Coral/ Fort Myers, Florida and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, with boat rides, fishing, and lots of scrumptious seafood.

photo 4 (1)IMG_3696IMG_3690IMG_3749

Next month, we have New Orleans planned for my birthday trip, AND HAWAII LATER THIS YEAR!!! I am so lucky.


We’ve also been enjoying our (finally) beautiful Wisconsin weather, and running together every weekend! (Aaand just generally when we have time).running

photo 1 (6)

Nothing beats running with Patrick, and he is constantly pushing me to go harder, run faster…and straighten my head and back while I run πŸ˜‰ Yes, that’s a problem for longer distances! I’m a work-in-progress! ❀


We ran the Summerfest Rock n’ Sole 1/4 Marathon and this was my great friend Kaylin’s longest race yet! SO HAPPY for her! Can’t wait to runrunrun again with this amazing lady πŸ™‚


ALSO running more with Patrick’s sister Sarah and brother-in-law Josh! These two have grown LEAPS AND BOUNDS lately and I’m so excited to see them continue to improve and run together more!


I’ve been so grateful for the time spent with family lately, as well. I’m learning to treasure this time more and more, as we all get 3 (4)

Why does time fly so fast??



photo 2 (7) IMG_3838

I think that sums up the essentials. I’m definitely back on the bandwagon, and I already feel HAPPYHAPPY about reviving my blogging days πŸ™‚ Keep watching! There’s definitely more where this came from.

Have a beautiful day, friends ❀

Peace and Love, xoxo

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