My Wednesday Outdoor Workout

Wednesday already?? And I haven’t even been super busy yet this week. The next few days are going to FLY though.
I love busy summer nights,  don’t you?photo

My yoga pose from last night…was me doing a puzzle. And watching Cosmos. How can you have a better night, you ask? I’ll get back to you on that…

I put together some photos of my workout this morning – hope you like!

photo 1

My attempt at today’s pose for my #yogagivesbackchallenge. My chest is supposed to be touching the ground, and my legs are supposed to be straight. A lot of things should be happening that aren’t, but I always try!
Awkward hands and all.


Patrick and I did some stair climbs and incline “hill” sprints (it wasn’t super steep) and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and sunrise this morning.
He likes being my designated photographer.

photo 2 photo 3

Humid mornings lead to sweaty outdoor workouts! We tried to maintain a good speed going both up AND down the hills and stairs, to keep our heart rates up.


After a few times up and down that course, we did some squat jumps up the stairs, ran back down, and continued up again. THOSE were tough. Another option is jumping lunges, which are just as difficult, but squats seemed to be enough for us! Working those quads and calves!

How gorgeous is that picture?! #ilovemilwaukee

photo 5

Incline push-ups and tricep dips on our way home. Eeks! If you push up and move up to the next step with straight legs, it’s a really great all-body (great for back and shoulders) climbing workout!

photo (1)Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope you get a chance to get outside and sweat today! Check in wichya laters.

Peace, xoxo.

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