Thinking Out Loud #2

Today’s my Friday!!! πŸ˜€ Well, most people probably have off tomorrow, so it’s a collective celebration! Last night’s festivities DEFinitely gave me enough to talk about in today’s post so here we go! Lots of pictures included! Here’s to Thinking Out Loud…


1. HinterlandΒ Β has taken a place on my list of FAVORITE Milwaukee restaurants. Patrick and I were looking for a place to “splurge” a bit for our 6 monthiversary, so we got a great suggestion from my friend Gwynne and hopped right over to this new place. DANG were we THOROUGHLY impressed! ❀

photo 1

We started out with the artisan bread basket, cuz GIRL NEEDS CARBS. They served it with a homemade spicy green tomato jam. I MEAN WHAT? Seriously delicious.

photo 2

We ordered an appetizer of braised quail over a kimchi and jicama salad… but I forgot to snap a picture before we DEVOURED it.

photo 4photo 3

Patrick ordered the antelope, and I ordered the duck breast. Yup, you read that correctly. And BOTH were scrumptious and succulent and FILLED with flavor. My duck breast won though, in my opinion πŸ˜‰photo 1 (9)

2. ICE CREAM. After dinner, we marched over to Summerfest to walk around and have DESSERT because we wouldn’t be true WISCONSINITES if we didn’t get Cedar Crest ice cream!!! Again, we devoured it. You’d think we hadn’t eaten in days πŸ˜‰

photo 2 (7)

3. Kendrick Lamar is FANTASTIC in concert. I bought Patrick tickets to see him for our monthiversary, and I had my doubts. I didn’t know too many of his songs, so I really bought them for Patrick’s listening and viewing pleasure πŸ™‚

But BOY, did he deliver. Kendrick, nice work.

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (6)Yes, those (above) are all cell phones lighting up the Marcus Ampitheater!

photo 2 (5)

4. After allllllllll that ice cream, leg day needed to happen this morning.

photo 3 (7) photo 5 (2)photo 4 (1)


FELT SO GOOD, y’all! Squats and lunges and lots of leg lifts. Today I was going for high numbered reps, instead of weight, so I just did my squat and lunge sets with 155 on the bar. Excited to try some higher weights next week!

5. Yoga pose updates! For both my challenges I’m participating in πŸ™‚

photo 3 (8)photo 4 (6)I probably won’t be posting tomorrow, since we have a FULL weekend planned, but stay TUNED for a really awesome and packed Monday post! ❀

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Peace, xoxo.
Have a safe and freaking amazing Fourth of July! πŸ™‚

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