MIMM #3: Fourth of July Weekend


Got home last night around 9pm from a PACKED holiday weekend, and boyyyy do I have a photo recap for you! Joining up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday posts! I hope you all enjoy ❀


Thursday after work, Patrick and I went to jazz in the park, where were featuring SALSA music. I only snapped one picture, but at least it’s a selfie πŸ˜‰

photo 1

Friday, we went fishing, went out for a delicious breakfast, and we both enjoyed exerting MINIMAL efforts on our day off work. Oh, and took a nap on a sheet in the park by my apartment.

photo 1 (2)

That night, Patrick baked the salmon he caught early last week, and it was TO DIE FOR. Matched up with balsamic sauteed green beans and some Hawaiian black rice… #idied.

photo 3 (2)

I made a tri-colored Caprese salad with our home-grown basil too πŸ™‚

photo 4 (2)

After dinner, we walked down to the lakefront and saw the Milwaukee fireworks. Most of the time, I’m good with about 15 minutes of fireworks and am ready to head home, but we stayed for about 45 minutes and enjoyed the nice weather and people-watching πŸ™‚

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 (1)

We found a ledge to sit on, since the lakefront was PACKED TO THE MAX.

photo 5

Saturday morning, we ran the Firecracker Four with our running group. And my dad and best running friend Sarah came along too! Such a hot morning, but a really awesome 4- miler!

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

Right after our run, we packed up and headed to CHICAGO for the weekend to visit my amazing best friend (and happens to be my sister) Mandaline πŸ™‚ SERIOUSLY packed weekend, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking! ❀

Saturday afternoon: KAYAKING.

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3) photo 2 photo 3 (3) photo 4 (3)

Saturday night: MEXICAN FOR DINNER ❀

photo 1 photo 5 (2)

Sunday morning, COFFEE, BIKING, and then the PLANETARIUM!

photo 3 (4)photo 5

Sunday afternoon/evening, PIZZAAAAAAAAAA and watching The World Cup!

photo 4 (4) photo 5 (3)

Biking our way around Chicago with my sister and my love alongside me for this amazing weekend was absolutely a break away, and a treat I needed ❀ So happy and grateful and all good mushy feelings πŸ™‚ MARVELOUS

Oh, and here’s a short recap of my #yogachallenge poses for the last few days.

photo (1) photo 2 (2) photo 2 (4) photo

❀ Peace and love, and Yay Freedom.


2 thoughts on “MIMM #3: Fourth of July Weekend

  1. Sounds like a busy but exciting holiday weekend. Thanks for sharing all these photos. It was fun getting a glimpse into your 4th of July. Great picture of you & your man @ the Mexican restaurant.


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