TOL: Quick Marathon Update 9.17.15

Hey everyone! Yes, you can say it. I’ve sucked at blogging the last couple weeks. My runs have been there, my wonderful food has been there, and I have traveled and done wonderful things.

I really think the biggest issue is I haven’t been on a computer for more than 30 min a day the last few weeks so it’s been a nice reality check away from technology- aside from whipping my phone out every chance I get to take pictures of all my food and amazing views on my runs! (But duh, right?)

I’m going to link up with Amanda too! Always keeps my thinking out loud in check 😊

My marathon training has been going surprisingly smooth. Which shouldn’t really be a surprise since I’m sticking to my program. Ha! My times haven’t gotten much faster but I can run more efficiently and “nonstop” the longer I go. Which obviously wins with marathon training!  

Just this past Tuesday I ran my longest build up run before the actual marathon, 22 miles. Phew! It was tough, but the pace I ran is perfectly consistent with how I want to finish the full marathon so I’m ecstatic about that!    

Last weekend, Patrick surprised me with a weekend in Door County camping, which was just what the doc required. We had such a wonderful time together, great food and campfires, and biked a bunch! He’s really the best, and even sweeped me on my (mentally tough) 10-miler 😊 #grateful

I’ve been running with my dad for shorter 2-5 mile runs lately too and it’s been so wonderful running with my puppy too! Although he needs more water stops than me πŸ˜‰

Memorial Day, I had a fabulous 12 miler where I got to use my camelbak and MAN do I love it! Patrick really knows the way to my heart ❀️ He fished, I ran, and it was the best day off ever!

Today I did an easy 5 miler, since technically we are in “taper down mode” for the marathon. Running 14 miles this weekend is gonna feel like a walk in the park compared to that 22! Eesh!




 Oh, and I’ve been doing A TON of yoga. The most I’ve ever done in my life actually. My alignment, balance, focus and relaxation/stretching techniques are at their all-time high from all the classes and at-home yoga I’ve been doing. And I lalalalove it. ❀️😊

One of these days I’ll post about all the crazy awesome carbs I’ve been indulging in (a bit too much) but that’s another day… 

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! #justkeeprunning

Peace! Xoxo

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