Thinking Out Loud: Halloween Is Here!Β 

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. And no, not because I like horror or being scared. I don't like blood, guts, or gore. And I'm not even a huge fan of candy (yeah, I know...).  But I think the reason why I love this holiday most is simply due to be time of year- Autumn. [...]

Balance and Ballooning- Weekend Style

You guys. This last weekend was the absolute perfect combination of relax and busy, cooking and eating out, family time and solo time with Patrick. I couldn't have had a more balanced weekend ✌🏻️ Today was indeed marvelous too so I link up with Katie! 😊  Friday morning started extra gorgeous. Loooooook at that sky.   After [...]

Thinking Out Loud: Loving Fabulous FallΒ 

I know I keep saying this, but I still can't believe how fast October is flying by. The weather here is probably what's throwing me off, as yesterday it hit 70 degrees and we'll still have 60 degree temps in the next few weeks. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Can I get an AMEN??   While I catch up [...]

Lifestyle Change and Autonomy: 10.15.15

Halfway through October and I still think it's August. My schedule has barely slowed down (in a good way) and the weather is juuuuuust barely showing hints of Autumn...which I'm not complaining about. 😊 Each day for me is different, but lately there has been a wonderful constant: my unwavering happiness and comfort in my [...]

My 2nd Marathon Recap- 10.4.15

I am ecstatic with how my marathon weekend went. No, I didn't hit my high-reaching goal of breaking 5 hours, but I did PR by over 11 minutes since my first full marathon and THAT, I am so proud of.  Friday night we went to a wonderful wedding for Patrick's high school friend, and got [...]

TOL: Life Update! October 1st

Hiiiiiiii friends! I know my thinking out loud post is early, but I am WAY too antsy to dish out my thoughts and experiences about my marathon training this week... or actually, more like lots of resting and cross training! Linking up with Amanda, as usual! First off, #happymonthiversary boo ❀ Since I last posted, [...]