My 2nd Marathon Recap- 10.4.15

I am ecstatic with how my marathon weekend went. No, I didn’t hit my high-reaching goal of breaking 5 hours, but I did PR by over 11 minutes since my first full marathon and THAT, I am so proud of. 

Friday night we went to a wonderful wedding for Patrick’s high school friend, and got to bed early, as everyone knows “the night before the night before” is the most important sleep of the race. 

Saturday, we rested. It was perfect and so chill and I grazed on carbs all day which NOPE I’m not complaining about. We visited the marathon expo and perused  all the cool running garb before heading home for a feast and a chill night with my family.

Marathon bib and shirt in hand, I was ready!!

My amazing step mom cooked a perfect pasta dinner with my favorite veggies and bread to share on the side! 

That night ended early, as 5:30 was my wake up alarm for the 7:30am start time at the starting line, 26 miles from the finish. I love point-to-point races because you never get bored and there’s always a tonnnn of spectators and people cheering!! 

Patrick drove me and we met my friend Nicole there who was also doing her second full marathon!

After we exchanged kisses and said goodbye, I was off! Following the 4:40 pace group as long as I could. And lemme tell ya, if I didn’t have to stop for the bathroom at mile 8, I would’ve been with them til at least mile 11! 

Patrick met me to run a leg with me at mile 7, with lots of funny stories and kept my head up smiling and encouraged me through mile 15, where I was going to see my dad. 

Lo and behold, he surprised me with my SISTER from Chicago! She jumps in with him and me!! It was so fun doing a leg of the race with them and I had such a memorable time knocking off later miles after that. 

Team DUNNE (my family) who swept me along the course was seriously the best team and best cheering squad I could ever have asked for. Every time I saw them, they were the loudest and held their signs proudly for me to see! My little sister and Patrick screaming GO GO GO! And my step mom snapping pictures and handing me towels and gum and making sure I was good. 

At mile 25, another surprise. I see my dad and my dog Gus waiting for me so I said hi and thanked them and thought that was it. But no, my youngest sister jumps out from behind a tree and joins me for the last mile!! 


My squad, if you will, never ceases to geek me out with surprises and love and support 😊❀️

Then at the finish line, I see my mom and step dad!!! She brought a huge homemade poster and was jumping up and down so much, my stepdad was lucky to get a pic of me finishing πŸ˜‚

The sign says “Go Bubble!” 😊

My sister got a great shot of me finishing too, and Patrick filmed me crossing the finish line, but not before I blew him a big kiss!

I did it. I finished. And I PR’ed by 11 minutes!!! Cue sitting for pictures and eating and recovering.

And of course my best puppy was there!! He ran a mile and was exhausted so he obviously needed as much food and water as me 😊

All in all, I am so so sooooo happy. I finished upright, barely walked at all, and did everything I could with the energy I had in me to get across that finish line. The course was gorgeous and the support crew was incredible. My family…is the absolute best. They made me feel so loved and carried me along the whole way, with the mantra “Never Stop Moving” which I had written on my bib.

I love you all so much! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

I’ll post my final race photo when I get access to it online! 

Thanks for reading and cheers to another marathon in the near future! 

Peace, xoxo.


2 thoughts on “My 2nd Marathon Recap- 10.4.15

  1. yay for a PR!!! 11 minutes is a lot good job. you are so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive family. and that pasta dish, OMG that looks delicious, send some my way πŸ™‚


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