Lifestyle Change and Autonomy: 10.15.15

Halfway through October and I still think it’s August. My schedule has barely slowed down (in a good way) and the weather is juuuuuust barely showing hints of Autumn…which I’m not complaining about. 😊

Each day for me is different, but lately there has been a wonderful constant: my unwavering happiness and comfort in my new somewhat autonomous lifestyle. I love getting up every morning and planning my day as I go- who’d have thought?!


I get to go for gorgeous morning runs with my incredible man on some trails. Oh, and with my perfect puppy. 

He loves the water, even though he most certainly is NOT a water dog. 

We get to see Dirty Dancing the musical. Enough said 😍  

I get to hang out with my little sister and drive her to her dance classes during the week, help with homework, and generally muse about what life is like as an 8th grader 😊  this has been one of my highlights because she’s going to high school next year and I feel old! Haha!   

I get to come home after work and cook a scrumptious meal for Patrick and myself, while watching Netflix and going over how each other’s day was. Our dinners are outta this world, I know πŸ˜‹ Love trying new combinations and always cooking with what’s in season if we can! 

I’ve been able to focus on strength and conditioning since my marathon every morning, too. My mornings alone sweating at the gym are so perfect and I am so grateful I still have this time. I have high goals, and my lifestyle and self-made schedule allows me to work hard towards them! 

Granted, this isn’t to advocate for quitting your job or stomping out corporate America for your autonomy. My dad has been a small business owner since the day I was born, so you could say I got lucky this was even an opportunity for me to grab 😊 I am so grateful. And I hope and have a feeling that my happiness and our success will only grow from here. Staying focused and keeping positive when things seem a bit unsavory or tricky to solve…that’s what I try and do every day- seems to be working!

There’s my little life-update teamed up with Running with Spoons ❀️ Hope you all are enjoying these gorgeous fall colors! 

What is one aspect of your lifestyle you are grateful for? Do you have autonomy or would like to gain more in certain parts of your life? Hint: if the answer is yes, go for it! 😊


Peace, xoxo. 

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