Thinking Out Loud: Loving Fabulous Fall 

I know I keep saying this, but I still can’t believe how fast October is flying by. The weather here is probably what’s throwing me off, as yesterday it hit 70 degrees and we’ll still have 60 degree temps in the next few weeks. 🙌🏼 Can I get an AMEN??

  While I catch up on other emails and review what’s been happening of late, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how gorgeous and exciting Fall is. Linking up with Amanda for the infamous thinking out loud posts 🙂 so I can chit chat about dat.

Just last weekend, we celebrated my wonderful friends’ wedding- we’ve been friends since we were 11! It was such a great time, the dancing and food were top notch, and we were so grateful to celebrate the Union of this spectacular couple ❤️   

Myyyyyy lovah.


Stunnas, we know.

I have been loving my wonderful runs and dog walks with my dad out where we live. These colors are just unbelievable and we have so many parks around us, there isn’t much more we need in a 5-mile radius 💚

 At the gym… I have been LOVING my body pump classes. Going 2-3x a week, in addition to lifting for leg day (duh) and alternating cycling and running. REALLY trying to get my goals met (holidays around the corner!) and we’re going to HAWAII in 3 weeks so girl’s gonna have some fun blogs to share for that trip!! 

My new obsession. Peppers peas and spinach. ALL OF IT! 

 Oh, and getting my oatmeal back onnnnn since it cooled down (a little?) for fall 😊
I got to see the new baby giraffe at our zoo too! 😍 SO CUTE! 

How has your eating changed for y change of seasons? Any fun weddings or parties you get to celebrate? Training for anything fun? Think out loud with me 😋💙

Have a beautiful Thursday boos! 🎃

Peace, xoxo.

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