Balance and Ballooning- Weekend Style

You guys. This last weekend was the absolute perfect combination of relax and busy, cooking and eating out, family time and solo time with Patrick. I couldn’t have had a more balanced weekend ✌🏻️

Today was indeed marvelous too so I link up with Katie! 😊  Friday morning started extra gorgeous. Loooooook at that sky. 

 After a solid day’s work, Patrick and I scampered over to Juniper 61  for a date night that was long overdue 😍 juniper 61 is a fantastic restaurant that puts twists on traditional dishes and has weekly specials that are TO DIE FOR. We had Asian slaw and a cheese nosh board for our appetizers, and Patrick got the duck Mac n’ cheese special for his meal. GUYS, try the duck! So so so good.

We may or may not have gotten the house carrot cake and salted caramel ice cream too… But ate almost every since inch of it. 😊

Saturday morning was comprised of… Relaxing. Eating. Coffee runs. And Halloween costume shopping (just wait til you see what we decided!). 

Saturday night, we took a trip over to the Milwaukee County Zoo and walked around their Boo at the Zoo event! Trick or treating, mini corn mazes, and animal exhibits open at night made for such a great time!  

My sister was in town too! Love love when I can catch up with her in person ❀️


The next morning…was one I will always remember! Checked off an item from my bucket list πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Š

My sisters and I were gifted a hot air balloon ride for Christmas last year! WOW, what a thrill! 

 We flew over Holy Hill basilica which is right around where I grew up and the views were extraordinary!    

 I couldn’t have been happier with our gorgeous ride, feeling so weightless and free, just gliding through the air so seamlessly. Ahh! Do this in your lifetime if you can! 

Patrick and I got our Sunday morning run in afterwards, which felt soooo great! On such a gorgeous day too! So grateful this weather has been on our side this Fall! 

And after a delicious homemade brunch with my wonderful running friends (and their boyfriends!), Patrick and I hit up Criminal Minds for the rest of the night and relax relax relaxed 😊

How was your weekend?

What is an item on your bucket list? Have you ever hot air ballooned?

Peace, xoxo. 😘

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