Thinking Out Loud: Halloween Is Here! 

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. And no, not because I like horror or being scared. I don’t like blood, guts, or gore. And I’m not even a huge fan of candy (yeah, I know…). 

But I think the reason why I love this holiday most is simply due to be time of year- Autumn. The weather, pumpkin (yup), warm drinks, caramel apples, dressing up for no real good reason, and of course Halloweentown. 🎃 All the real reasons to love this season! ❤️    


 Last night we carved pumpkins with Patrick’s nieces, and it was so adorable. “Ew, pumpkin guts!” Was exclaimed more than once I can assure you. 

Guess which one is ours! 😊

 I thought I would do something “cute” and did a yoga sequence with a candy corn garland tied on me. That’s artsy right?!

This Saturday, my entire family (the runners at least) Is partaking in the Milwaukee Discovery Run that happens every year over Halloween weekend. This year’s theme?


Yep. I’ll be doing the Time Warp the entire 15k! (Haha, I wish).

We have to dress up, and we all wanted something easy to run in, so we’re going to be a clan of running Where’s Waldos and Wandas. 😂 This should be good…

Can you find him? 

And then Saturday night, Patrick and I get decked out as…

I know you can’t wait to see the finished products 😉

What are your Halloween plans?

Do you have a favorite candy? Mine has to be kitkats. Or maybe pay days. But no one hands those out anymore…

Happy Halloween! 🎃


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