Thinking Out Loud: Future Travels and Exciting Changes

Good morning friends! How is everyone?


These Thursday posts are keeping me alive in this blog world, I swear. My goals for these blogs are as follows:
Weekly haul of fascinating links I find (I always find them so fun and informative and interesting!)
Recipes (posting pictures of my delicious scrumptious food combinations might make you salivate on your keyboard πŸ˜‰ but I want to actually create recipes that you can use at home too!)
What I Ate Wednesdays (are these interesting to anyone else? Sometimes I completely forget to take pictures of every single thing I eat in a day…)

Anyhoo! I have some really exciting travels coming up – as in, NEXT WEEK! Patrick and I, along with a couple friends of ours, are jumping on a very long airplane ride, with many layovers… TO HAWAII! 

We fly out next Wednesday for a gorgeous and incredibly perfect trip for 10 days to visit our friends who LIVE there! Can you imagine? LIVING on the gorgeous Hawaiian islands…. ahhh, the dream.

My weeks and days and hours and minutes have just been flying by – every day at work is different (and exciting), with its fair share of ups and downs, but hey! As my dad always says… “That’s Real Estate!” At least I get to spend every other minute with this big lug… 

 Besides our Hawaii trip, we have a trip planned for the beginning of January for Patrick’s birthday as well! Washington DC seems to be our current destination 😊  

Do you have any fun and new travels planned for the coming months? We are travel fiends, and my family is too! So I am entirely grateful for every opportunity I have to get on a plane or hop out on a road trip. ✌🏻️❀️

Another kinda exciting change is this here hair ‘do! FINALLY went darker and got my sun-kissed orangey red hair out of the way…


And even though summer is over (even though it doesn’t feel like it yet in Wisconsin!) Patrick and I thought our plans would mellow out more and we wouldn’t be as busy through fall and winter.  Wrong. We love being busy and experiencing new awesome events so maybe we just curse ourselves πŸ˜‰

We’ve been cooking about half as often as we’ve been going out with my family and out to events that serve dinner, so I would say we’re doing alright!  


And of course, doing lots of yoga and lifting and running. To keep me sane, ya know?         

To add to my business, and busy-ness (ha!), I have been studying for my personal training exam, which j take in December. And in January/February, I will be taking classes and exams to obtain my Wisconsin Realtor license! That makes me super official 😊 Cannot wait to get out in the field more in depth and help my dad’s business grow! 

Looks like I absolutely have my work cut out for me! The work never stops but the fun never ends.

Peace and love, good people! Xoxo


10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Future Travels and Exciting Changes

  1. My sister is moving to Hawaii in January because her hubby just got stationed there, so my husband and I are planning a trip to visit them sometime! I’ve been to Hawaii twice [once for soccer nationals and then for my honeymoon] but I think it would be really cool to visit with someone who lives on the island and really knows the place. Hopefully my sister can introduce us to some cool island spots! πŸ˜‰
    Good luck on all your tests/certs! I’m looking to get my personal training cert as well!


  2. that sushi looks soooo good!!!! oh i love to travel, hawaii should be amazing, I have never been but no one ever says anything bad about it!! we are going to london in january im so excited london is one of those “have to go places” i cant wait!!!


  3. Man, I have travel envy & HI is one of my favorite places in the world. Not that I can really complain — we’ve been there 3 times in the last 10 yrs! But we can’t travel now because Chester is in heart failure, getting near the end, and we can no longer leave him with anyone. I can barely leave the house, much less travel!

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be a downer. Enjoy HI — seriously, it IS paradise.


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