2015 Wrap-Up

The speed with which this last year RACED by is still unbelievable to me...but I wouldn't change anything about it. Every single month, something exciting happened. And every single day, a new memory was created from that day's experiences. I am so excited to see how 2016 goes... And I have a feeling it'll be [...]


Life Lately 12.17.2015

Christmas. One. Week. AHH! 🙂 But also, where's the snow?? And why haven't I made time to watch  more than ONE Christmas movie?? I gotta step up my Christmas-celebrating game, otherwise it's going to be January and I'm still going to be watching The Santa Clause... oh wait.    These last few weeks/months have been [...]

Hawaiian Vacation [in photos]

Hello?! Anyone out there?? I know it has been SO LONG since I have posted last. Hawaii for 10 days, then working for the weeks after (and trying so hard to keep up with the faster-paced lifestyle here!) pushed back allllll my time to write in my lovely little blog. BUT NOW. I HAVE TIME. [...]