Life Lately 12.17.2015

Christmas. One. Week. AHH! πŸ™‚ But also, where’s the snow?? And why haven’t I made time to watch  more than ONE Christmas movie?? I gotta step up my Christmas-celebrating game, otherwise it’s going to be January and I’m still going to be watching The Santa Clause… oh wait.

These last few weeks/months have been filled with early morning workouts (focusing more on lifting than cardio lately), LOTS of Breaking Bad with the boy, and at least 9-hour work-days, with driving and errands and office work/showings. I can’t tell you how much I wish time would slow down, but also… it feels SO GOOD to be productive. Anyone else feel me here?

Yes, we still be eatin’ goooooooood lately. If Patrick isn’t cooking, I pull out the pans and cutting boards and utensils and whip something up for us every night. HEAVY veggies lately, and eggs. Per the usual, though.  


Aaaaand I’ve been spending QUALITY time with my puppy, Gus. You can all be jealous of his softness and cuddliness.    

And Buddy of course. He’s so calm, cool, and collected. Such a good puppy with all our hustling and bustling all the time.

We also recently got to celebrate my great friend Blair’s birthday two weeks ago! (Yes so delayed, I know) We went out downtown Milwaukee, (partyyyyy right?), and saw some AWESOME live music, and she even got on stage and sang a couple songs! Gotta love her πŸ™‚      

My yoga [attempts] have been consistent lately, and I’m feeling sliiiightly more confident with new poses. I love backbends, handstands, and any kind of shoulder strength/core moves too. Those make me feel most in control and truly strengthen the parts of my body that need to be CORE in certain poses.



We also got to visit my sister in Chicago last weekend, and Patrick saw the BEAN for the first time ever! I’m always so excited to share every experience with him, but whenever something is brand new for him, I jump for joy!! πŸ™‚ We saw the Macy’s windows too, and they had some pretty awesome decorations, as always. Charlie Brown, #ftw.    

We got a WAYYYYY-too-big Christmas tree at my dad’s house, and had a blast putting it up after we got back from Hawaii. It was entirely too tall for the inside of our living room, so we proceeded to slice off 2 feet of it. Yep, good times.

We have four Christmases planned so far, and probably will pepper in some Friends-mases (eh?) too! Nothing like celebrating with those you love, even if they aren’t blood ❀ I’m so thrilled I get to share Christmas with Patrick’s family this year too! It’s going to  be a wonderful tradition to start.

I hope you all have been dandy, too? Any awesome Christmas plans for you this Holiday Season?

Peace and Love, xoxo.

6 thoughts on “Life Lately 12.17.2015

  1. I totally smiled at the figurines of Lucy and Charlie Brown. Nice job on the workout poses! πŸ™‚ And, you have so many Christmases planned! O_O Our Christmas this year will be pretty quiet and involve lots of baking. This year I’m more thankful than ever for the hope that Jesus Christ’s birth came to give us.

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  2. i just want to sink my fingers into your puppies fur they look so soft and cuddly! and your food, OMYUM! I have been traveling the past few weeks so a home cooked meal sounds SO good to me right now! your not the only one i have only seen 1 Christmas movie so far this season what is the world coming to!!! Rudolph is on tap for tonight though, I know wild and crazy!


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