Sunday Links 2.28.16

Gorgeous Sunday morning again lovelies! And I am so excited to have a productive day. Patrick and I just went for an absolutely perfect and beautiful walk around our neighborhood. LOVE this Spring-time feel! I start a new and exciting job tomorrow, so I'm going shopping for some classic/staple items for my wardrobe, to help [...]

Trying New Things 2.24.16

I'm feeling very inspired this morning. And this week has been an awesome compilation of me trying new things. These things, in my case, pertain to how I schedule my days. I have been participating in classes at my gym (which I haven't done in months, due to the cold weather and beginning marathon training. [...]

Sunday Links 2.21.2016

Happy Sunday fellow readers and bloggers! Its a gloomy, cold, windy day here. And I'm slightly under the weather too. So why not compile some awesome links I found this week? Hope you enjoy 🙂 Comment away! And please follow me on Bloglovin' 🙂 Mmmmm... African Origins of Southern Food There really is a scientific [...]

Thoughts for Today 2.18.16

Happy Thursday! I hope you all enjoyed my Power of your Core post yesterday; I have been wanting to post more substantial comments and ideas on this blog, so that was just a starter/taster! 🙂 I'm linking up for Thinking out Loud Thursdays today [per usual] to ramble on about some awesome things crossing my [...]

The Power of your Core

Hump dayyyyy! And it's a gorgeous and sunny morning here in Wisconsin. I've been thinking and planning a lot the last few days about how to strengthen my core (back and abs, all around) as well as my shoulders. I LOOOVE practicing inversions, so I know how important core and shoulder strength are for stability [...]

Monday Marvels and Musings 2.15.16

Oh this glorious Monday! Are you all feeling super lovely and loved up from Valentine's weekend? I hope so 🙂 ❤ We had a relaxing weekend (per usual) after running our 11 miles on Saturday. Lots of Criminal Minds and a fun night out Saturday, along with a chill Sunday... perfect weekend to me 🙂 [...]