Happy Thoughts and Musings 2.4.16

I want to start my post today with a “Yippee!” because today is my 1-year anniversary with my lovely soulmate, Patrick. ❀ I’ll leave my poetry to sweet, sappy love notes to him, and just let you all know how excited we are to celebrate this. It’s been such a fun and adventurous and love-filled year – here’s to another 100 anniversaries love! πŸ™‚ ILYSM.

imageBesides this wonderful excitement, I have also been applying at a myriad of jobs and am SO happy how everything is going. I’m putting my best foot forward and leading with my good side in my interviews, and I should have some awesome news in the next couple weeks on that!

imageMarathon training is going swimmingly. We are doing our first 9-mile run on Saturday, while away celebrating our anniversary + valentine’s weekend, and I’m so excited to see how it goes. It’ll be the longest run I’ve done, well, since my marathon in October. I KNOW I KNOW, that’s a long time, but I’ll bounce back, trust me! πŸ™‚



imageI’m still completely obsessed with the podcast scene, especially while running. I don’t know about you guys, but listening to a podcast makes my mind completely focus on NOT running, which is really great! Without even realizing it, I’ll have run 3-5 miles in just one podcast and it totally takes my mind off the grueling hours of training that are coming…soon… oh #marathontraining.

imageDo you guys have any awesome podcast recommendations? I’d love to get some more ideas! I’m currently on Season 2 of Serial. I KNOW RIGHT.

I’m still putting a plan together on how to jump start my personal training career too; I want to do this part-time for now, and I really want to do it right, and with a company that I believe in and that believes in their customers and employees too! Any recommendations on how to get my feet on the ground running? πŸ™‚
imageIn other news, I am contemplating where Patrick and I should go for my birthday trip. Yes, it’s in July, but we’re taking ideas now! I was thinking Portland or Seattle, since Oregon, Washington and Alaska are the only 3 states I haven’t been to in the U.S. Any ideas on a summer birthday getaway?

Also, I’m re-addicted to my protein bites I used to make all the time. I have them for breakfast, snacks and desserts, and I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY MORE NEW RECIPES!

imageMy yoga practice is doing fairly well, but I NEED to get into a studio. It’s time I start with an instructor to push me and guide me and help me create a strong foundation again. I’ve been using the eBook Ab Asanas by Morgan DeYoung, and it’s been keeping my core engaged (and super sore) for a few weeks now! I love it!




imageHow is everyone else doing? What’s new in your life? πŸ™‚

Mwah! Peace, xoxo.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts and Musings 2.4.16

  1. CONGRATS ON 1 YEAR!!! yay! girl your yoga form is on point! totally jealous! alaska is actually really beautiful around your anniversary, if you havent been yet you should make the treak. I did a cruise and LOVED it, my grandma did a train tour and loved that as well, you see more of the landscape that way.


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