Sweet V-Day Delights! [recipes]

Hello loves!

How is everyone doing after the wonderful weekend? I just wish weekends could go on and on and on… Patrick and I celebrated our anniversary in Door County, and it was such a relaxing getaway. While it was crazy cold, we still had delicious food, played some fun card games, went for our long-run on Saturday for marathon training, and enjoyed our time away from the bustle πŸ™‚


I know everyone is always hyper aware of Valentines Day, and while sometimes I think it’s overdone and a complete #hallmarkholiday, I still like pink and red and purple things, and chocolate is always a YES in my book. So why not celebrate??

I found some awesome recipes you may want to check out, if you like baking and sweets and sugar and eating and all that stuff that I love too πŸ™‚ ❀

Tell me what you think! What are your favorites? I’m going to vote they ALL are high-ranking in my book. So it’ll be Patrick’s decision what I make this weekend.

One Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies

Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies_Platter Top View 2

Peanut Butter Flourless Chocolate Cake


Black Magic Chocolate Cake


Paleo Chocolate Lava Cake with Almond Butter


Chocolate M&M Bark


Healthy 4-Ingredient 1-Minute Chocolate Raspberry Cake


Flourless Double Chocolate Brownies


Happy Baking! Mwah!

Peace & Love, xoxo.

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