Buffalo Burger Night [recipe]

Can you say deliciousness? Our Tuesday dinner last night was something I had never tried before, but something I was dying to try. Especially after Patrick bought the ingredients πŸ™‚
imageWe made buffalo burgers! I know everyone [including and especially me] is always looking for a lean source of protein, and sometimes ground turkey or chicken can get a little boring… not always! But sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. So I went through our freezer and found our ground buffalo meat we were saving and KNEW tonight was the night.


This “recipe” is incredibly simple. It requires you to go out and buy organic [preferred way of eating meat] ground buffalo meat. We got ours at Woodman’s or Pick n’ Save, just an easy-access/inexpensive grocery store in the area. Next, grab bags and handfuls and large quantities of awesome vegetables to sautee on the side. Finally, buy the best carb/bread/bun you can find in the bakery area, which for me, is of course a pretzel bun.

After Patrick and I ran last night, I came home, made patties with the meat, added some seasonings to our liking, sauteed some mushrooms, green beans, and peas (my FAVE) and voila! Our dinner was complete!


Yes, this was a super easy put-together recipe, but that’s how we roll around here most of the time, and the meat tasted AWESOME. Patrick likes his burgers more on the rare side and I definitely cook mine til there’s no more pink. It just weirds me out.

Have you ever tried buffalo meat? What did you think? I would definitely buy this again. I’m a big fan!

Peace and Love and Good Eats, xoxo.

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