Trying New Things 2.24.16

I’m feeling very inspired this morning. And this week has been an awesome compilation of me trying new things. These things, in my case, pertain to how I schedule my days. I have been participating in classes at my gym (which I haven’t done in months, due to the cold weather and beginning marathon training. I usually just workout at home with my free weights and videos).


I am so excited to start a regular working schedule next week, so I’ll be able to try some new early-morning classes at the gym too. I’ll maintain my after-work running schedule with Patrick more than likely, but our shorter runs could take place at the gym’s track or on a treadmill for speed work. Woot!

imageOtherwise, I have a goal to try a few new things in the coming weeks…


I want to go to a Hot Yoga class; I recently found out my friend teaches at a studio nearby (YAY!) so I’m going to hop in one of her sessions as soon as I get my schedule in place. Now, while hot yoga isn’t entirely new to me, it’s been almost TWO WHOLE YEARS since I took the class, so this will be an awesome change-up for me, especially with my sore running legs all the time πŸ™‚


I also have a goal of doing a kickboxing class at the gym; I’ve done them in the past, but since I really started getting into my at-home videos, I’ve been really excited to try a teacher-led class! Our gym also has a class called “Ringside” that involves punching bags and gloves and is more boxing-oriented – HOW COOL. Definitely on my list too.

I find that trying new classes and setting goals to try new things constantly keeps me inspired, and I’m always updating my goals and priorities. Even if I try a class that I’m nervous about or not-so-confident about, I know that at the end of the class, I’ll have tried as best as I could and hopefully, I’d have learned something about myself. And my strength. And where I can still find room to grow.

imageI’ve also been trying to eat as clean as possible. Now, THAT is a game-changer for me. Unprocessed or not-overly-processed foods are hard to come by, and raw/natural/organic/clean foods aren’t as easily accessible. While I don’t eat that many processed foods to begin with, I frequently snack on pretzels as a daily snack. And yes, I like to enjoy a glass of wine every once in awhile. Since I’ve been tapering back on alcohol and these processed snacks, I’ve felt more energy, my complexion has cleared up, and my recoveries post-workout have gone smoother πŸ™‚

I’ve been trying to keep up with the 21-Day Sugar Detox that I learned about on the Balanced Bites podcast I listen to; it’s going well, and I’m going to try and maintain the no-refined-sugar rule for as long as I can. I have a straight-up craving for sugar almost everyday, and since I started this, it’s been 9 days with no refined sugar. LOVE it.


What are some goals you have for trying new things? Any classes you’ve wanted to try? Any eating/dietary changes you’ve wanted to make?

P.S. Here are some awesome little things to do to change the way you live in 2016…


If you feel bored, if you feel down, or if you just want to fill part of your life with something new, get out there and try something new! Keep your mind open, say yes more to new opportunities, and you never know what healthy behavior you could fall in love with πŸ™‚ 4 years ago, I never would’ve stepped foot in a gym, let alone go for a run for more than one mile. I hated sweating. Any kind of sweating.

And one day, I went for a run with my dad and sister. I don’t know what caused me to do it, but I decided I wanted to make my life healthier. And that run turned into 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, and now full marathons. I am completely in love with working out (in ANY way) and sweating makes me feel empowered and stronger.

Look what happened πŸ™‚ By trying something new…

image❀ Peace, xoxo.

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