Thinking Out Loud Lately… 3/31/16

Wisconsin is finally delivering nicer weather. Calmer winds and warmer temperatures. Perfect for running outside and enjoying the sunshine during walking breaks at work. I love it! So inspiring and exciting to get outside and moving every day! Work has been awesome lately, with an awesome amount of new daily tasks and responsibilities, some really [...]

Sunday (on Monday) Links! 3.28.16

It's Monday! WHERE did the weekend go?! Holiday weekends always fly by... seeing family, eating all day long, in addition to our marathon training and weekend chores/errands. Eesh! One more fun weekend for the books, nonetheless. I finished a bunch of yoga challenges this weekend, so that was fun 🙂 I can't wait to see [...]

Life Lately 3.23.16

Ohhh it's Wednesday again. Meaning long runs, hump day jokes, and some building excitement for the weekend! I can't believe I'm already into Week 4 at my  new job, we're over halfway done with our Marathon Training, and it's officially SPRING! Things are looking wonderful right now 🙂 I have been heavily focusing on my [...]

Sunday Links 3.20.16

It's SPRING! Officially! As if Mother Nature knew this was a day to celebrate, we got to wake up to a gorgeous bright shining sun... and still 40 degrees. But at least there's sunlight! I'll take it 🙂 We've had a particularly wonderfulllll relaxing weekend, with exactly zero plans aside from our long run yesterday, [...]

Our Marathon Journey. The Halfway Point.

Hello Saturday! Yes, I understand it's already 4:30pm on Saturday, and it's not even halfway through our day. Marathon training at its finest 🙂 Our weekends don't "start" until after our long runs on the weekends. But we always welcome the remaining day and a half with open and welcome arms! 🙂 I have been [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas!

Helloooooooo! How are all of you wonderful people? Are you enjoying your Wednesday? We've had sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, warm, and chilly all in two days. HA! There's Wisconsin for you. Nothing helps more every morning than a good run and some yoga flow. Here's some yoga to start off this beautiful day! 🙂 And [...]

Sunday Links 3.13.16

This weekend absolutely flew by. I wish I had about 15 more hours of Sunday. To relax. Rest. Recoup. And regenerate my energy for the week to come. That being said, we had a wonderful weekend, it was packed with fun, friends, and running of course. 🙂 So much to celebrate! After spending Friday night [...]