Life Lately 3.23.16

Ohhh it’s Wednesday again. Meaning long runs, hump day jokes, and some building excitement for the weekend! I can’t believe I’m already into Week 4 at myΒ  new job, we’re over halfway done with our Marathon Training, and it’s officially SPRING! Things are looking wonderful right now πŸ™‚


I have been heavily focusing on my yoga challenges that I follow on Instagram, and they’re showing me so much about my growth with flexibility and balance, but also my confidence slowly building with moving my body in certain ways. I officially signed up for bi-weekly classes for 15 weeks starting in April, and I hope those help me gain strength and confidence to let go and stay strong simultaneously πŸ™‚


I have come to notice, however, that some holds and balancing poses are SO much harder than I’ve ever even imagined, I have ZERO chance of even coming close to hitting them. My core really needs work, and my technical execution is still fresh too. I know I have plenty to be proud of, but plenty to work on too (haha)!


As I posted last week, my baking-in-the-shape-of-muffins kick is freaking awesome πŸ™‚ I have done cornbread and blueberry muffins consistently lately, Patrick’s breakfast and my own every morning. It’s a pretty perfect breakfast situation, and I can’t wait to add in some more kinds this week. Maybe carrot muffins? Something with oats? Strawberries, even? Or my favorite, something with protein powder mixed in πŸ™‚


On Sunday, we also made THE BEST BEEF STEW ever. Like, ever. All in our handy dandy crock pot. We threw in some 90% lean beef, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli, onion, garlic, and a bunch of awesome spices, with a DASH of soy sauce! Seriously incredible, and we both devoured it in two days! Absolutely re-making this again.


Sunday afternoon, we traversed over to the new Whole Foods store and proceeded to spend an hour walking around, trying samples of food, and oohing and ahhing at all the wonderful design and layout of the store. Obviously, we left with a growler of Patrick’s favorite beer and a YUMMM smoothie for our sustenance.


Also on Sunday, we went new running shoe shopping! Funny enough, we brought our old shoes with us to the store (Performance Running Outfitters) and ended up buying our same shoes in their newest editions! He stuck with Saucony and I stuck with Brooks. WE LOVE THEM.



We got to run in them today too and they fit LIKE A GLOVE. Perfect hugging and the best bounce and flexibility. YAY new shoes! A little gift for ourselves halfway through our training πŸ™‚

Oh, and we may or may not have gotten a ridiculous amount of gelato on Saturday night.

The rest of our week is going to be filled with cooking, running, cooking and running. Oh and lots of sleep. Sleep is CRUCIAL for our training the more miles we run, which I am absolutely okay with πŸ™‚ And, as I learned last night, eating good, plain food is the best choice for me. Going out for Mexican last night left me feeling achey and exhausted last night and this morning (notttttttt the best feeling; heating pad + kombucha + crackers). But we did have an awesome time catching up with Patrick’s wonderful family.


I hope you all have an awesome week planned! And any fun Easter plans!! πŸ™‚

Peace, xoxo.


2 thoughts on “Life Lately 3.23.16

  1. mmm that gelato…im on a sugar detox for 21 days so that man…oh moving on…your yoga poses are amazing! i hope the bi-weekly classes take you even further than you already are. i find anything with the hamstrings are my weekness i just cant seem to get those muscles to loosen up, dang runner problems πŸ™‚ love the color of your new shoes!!


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